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Best sports bra?


Looking for recommendations from the plus sized ladies pls! I usually wear a 38G and my current sports bra just isn't doing the business while running - it's a cheapo from M&S bought a couple years ago. I'm happy to pay for a more expensive one this time around if it's a good support!

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Go to bravissimo and get fitted. I haven't bought bra from anywhere but them for as long as I can remember 28G


I wear an M and S sports bra in the gym, but I soon discovered it's just not up to running. I was recommended Shockabsorber, but when I tried one on, I found I couldn't get in or out of it without the help of a full formula 1 pitstop team. 😳

I now have a Freya Active underwired(E cup size). I love it so much, I'm about to buy a second one the same. I bought the first in John Lewis £40 and had a fitting. I'm buying the second one from Amazon £8 cheaper.

I believe Runderwear is popular, but never tried one.

Good luck.

RoxdogGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Yes shockabsorber is a bit of an endurance challenge to get on.

Cpop3Graduate in reply to Roxdog

🤣 I include it in my yoga routine!


I went to a running shop and got the Shockabsorber bra. It isn’t forgiving (as in there is no give, so I need the help of my partner to get into it) but once it’s on, it’s bliss!


Shock absorber! Tough to get on but a cut above the useless one I had before - I had been in pain!


Another vote for Shock Absorber. I have big boobs and they do not move at all in my shock absorber bra. I do have to put it on round my waist to get it done up and then pull it up but tbh I do that with my normal bras too.


I'm a bit worried about getting a shock absorber as it looks difficult to get into with that additional back fastener at the top - no partner to help me - and the reviews keep saying buy a back size up, and I'm already at the top of their size range. But I guess it will do no harm to try one from amazon. I love bravissimo but won't be near one until the start of April. Thanks for all the responses so far!

Speedy60Graduate in reply to Ooloutoo

I do have a partner, but he's not always around and we certainly don't run together. My Freya also has an optional back clip which I find quite easy to use. I do it up first and then put the bra on like a jumper. When I tried to do that with a Shock absorber, I was just left hot and humiliated.

OoloutooGraduate in reply to Speedy60

I'll check out the Freya too 😊

Speedy60Graduate in reply to Ooloutoo

Sorry, I sound like they're paying me commission. 😀


I’ve worn Panache sports bras for years. Both underwired and non underwired. 30G for me and I find them true to size. No bounce. Doesn’t squish your boobs, gives them a nice natural shape. Hooks at the back like a normal bra so easy to put on and take off, with clips on the strap to change to a racer back style if you wish. I’ve bought easily from Bravissimo, independent lingerie shops and online.


Loving these replies as I have the same problem (and I’m the same size)

Try M&S, I swear by them 👍


Ooloutoo - I have no one to come to my aid if things go wrong so accessibility is important! I’ve never quite got over getting stuck in a wetsuit I’d had made and was trying on at home - but that’s another story and forum entirely! So I had a fitting at M&S and got one of their front zip bras - and I’ve been quite happy with it. A friend got fitted for a Shock Absorber in John Lewis, they’re a bit more expensive but you can always go on line once you have one at the right size. She says there are 2 hooks at the back but after the initial faffery, they’re not too hard to get on so I might give them a go next time. I think a fitting to start is key though as we all know bras differ in size every time you look at them!!


I recently got a high impact one from M&S; one that specifically listed running on the label. I'm very pleased with it- it fits well, I feel well-supported and it is easy to get on.

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