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Does anyone use live tracking on here? My husband worries about me being out alone and suggests he could live track me whilst I run. I can see the apps allow this but they all seem to work differently. Does anyone have any experience of live tracking and if so, what system do they use? Thanks.


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21 Replies

  • Perhaps he could run with you - a win/win compromise.

  • Ha ha Sheps I have tried that. I even bought him some running shorts and a top and he bought shoes but he seems reluctant. Maybe because I am W9R3 and he hasn't started?? I haven't given up on the idea though .... I live in hope. 😃

  • We use Find My Friends on our iPhones if that's an option for you. Strava also have a beacon setting on their app but it might only be on the premium plan. Sorry, that's all a bit iPhone specific but it's what we use.

  • Thanks, yes that could work. I'll give it a go. 😃

  • There's an app called bSafe, we use it for the kids when they are away at uni

  • That's what I use it's a lot easier it's on in the background and you don't have to faff remembering to put it on

  • We use Find my Friends too, although the area we live in is quite safe so my husband doesn't tend to worry. I did read a post recently (sorry can't remember who said it) who recommended carrying a whistle in a pocket/bumbag just in case she fell and she could then use the whistle to attract attention.

  • Your husband sounds like a sweetie :) Do you live in a dangerous area? My hubby asked me where I was going to run yesterday, he seems to always presume that things will go well. I don't use any tracking devices, but I always leave a message saying where I'm running and what time I'll be back. With two kids and a husband, I live in hope that one of them will see it and pull the alarm if I go a**e over t*t and am not home at sunset...

  • Where's mum........haven't seen her for a day or two.......

  • Ha ha IT. They'll miss me by the next meal time. That's it. I'll just have to run as dinner is due so I know they'll come looking for me if I don't return to cook!! 🤣

  • SNAP :)

  • 😂 Luckily for me, they'd notice when they nobody replies to the question "What are we having for lunch/dinner?", which gives me a standing chance of being rescued before I get turned into an ice cube or attacked by a wild boar. It is the only advantage of having teens with hollow legs.

  • Mine would miss me when tea not on the table!! 🤣

  • We live near a heath and inevitably you run over it at some point and he worries about that I think. We just tried the iPhone Find Friends app and it was very intermittent. The signal is quite good here but there must be dodgy patches over the heath. I still live in hope he'll join me running soon!!

  • I'm going to sound like a real meany here, but the last thing I want is to have Calculus running with me. He'd drive me nuts :D If you let hubby know where you're running, and at what time, there's no reason anything untoward should happen. ;)

  • I managed to get my husband to do runs 1 & 2 of the plan but thankfully due to the kids, we can't run together. I think he'd be naturally faster than me and push me too far. I love my peace and quiet 30 mins x

  • Calculus came with the Queenager and I once. He has legs up to his armpits, and he'd probably walk it faster than I 'd run it :D He also has the habit of being a self-proclaimed expert on everything, even when he hasn't done it himself yet. So like you, it's my run, my space, my terms.

  • Runtastic do it too - I had no idea until I came back from a run and found my route posted on Facebook from a friend who had watched my entire run live!

  • Oh wow! Thanks RebeccaSK. Not sure I want it all over Facebook but I am sure privacy settings will sort that! 😃

  • Well, I wouldn't call it live tracking, but I run with Endomondo to check progress, map my runs etc. If I ran with wifi turned on, you can see on Endomondo webpage where I am, as long as I added you to my friends. I have no idea how good it is with live tracking, i.e. how percise in time and place it is for friends, not the main user.

  • I don't want to sound rude but why not just tell him your route? Live tracking of another adult seems like an invasion of privacy to me.

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