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Couch to 5K
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Week 1, Run 1 done

Done my first run. My OH is a parkrun ED and I volunteer regularly - felt like I should put my money where my mouth is when cheering others on and crack on. I've also recently torn my ACL but just been cleared to exercise again. Found Run 1 not too bad - as long as I slowed down the run sections. Now the challenge is keeping it up with a toddler to look after. Anyone any tips for hip flexor tightness?

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Excellent well done you no tips on exercise though. But just wanted to say brilliant and good luck with run 2



Might be useful!

Well done you and welcome! Good on you for getting out there and with a toddler too... I just got back from a lonnnnnnnnng walk/run with my nine month old granddaughter.. she slept!

Slow and steady does it... :) Keep to that all the way through...it works... Are you going to run with small one in a buggy... or is it going to be a solo, just for you running time:)

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Well done, go as slow as you need to, or as fast as you have to to catch your toddler.

Have a look at this greatist.com/fitness/stretc...

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Thanks all - not running with the toddler at the moment - getting myself round is enough! Hip is pretty painful tonight. Will have a look at those stretches!

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