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Week 3R2

I decided to go a bit mad on my second week 3 run as I'd found a circular track just over a mile long (ie a 1/3 of 5Km) and decided to have a go at one circuit...

So I just carried on after the 3 minutes were up and kept going..13 minutes for the last run in the end :) I actually managed to synchronise my breathing and running :)

I'm hoping that week 4 runs should be OK and that the 20 minute run of W5r3 doesn't look so bad now ??!

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The plan is designed to keep injuries minimal. You might well get away with deviating from it, but you will rue the day if you have to stop running because of injury. I was tempted to skip some early weeks, but quashed my macho arrogance and accepted that the designers of the plan knew more about running than me and that nine weeks was not a very long time to wait.


All good :) no injuries so far but the plan is formulated assuming a very low level of fitness to start with, for 2.5 months before I started I was doing 12K steps a day but that's not to say that after week 1 run 1 my legs were aching like mad :) I won't go over board for the final week 3 run, but in < 10 days I'll be up to the two lots of 8 minutes, followed by 20 minute run!


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