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Week 3R2 plus a smidgeon.

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Well, my conversion from swimmer to reluctant shuffler is going surprisingly well.

The knee pain from W1 appears to be easing right off. I took bit of advice from the Internet physios that have helped me so much with my shoulder injuries, did the work, applied a glacier or two's worth of ice, had a few extra days rest on occasions and things feel much better. The painful kneecap is now much more mobile and seems to be tracking better; my inner quads feel stronger too, which I suppose is the reason.

Did my second run of week 3 last night: quite enjoyed it. I was ready for the break at the end of each 3 minute stretch but felt ready to go again well before the due time. I felt fresh at the end and did an extra 3 minutes.

I bet it is the running fairies fooling me: I will probably collapse in a sweaty, gibbering heap next time out.

That said, it seems a big jump to even next week's timings, let alone the longer runs in later weeks. It seems odd to me that a I can swim for over an hour at a reasonable rate (for an ageing whale) but five minutes running seems a huge challenge.

I must have a word with my head.

Meanwhile, back on Poverty Bank, the dogs are still puzzled as to why Dad puts on skimpy clothes and ventures to the dangerous land of 'Outgate' without their protection.

Here they are looking on disapprovingly as I take my life in my hands and head to where there are killer cats, murderous postmen and the villains that steal our bins every week.

I can almost hear Jethro saying to Lucy:

'What part of ''dangerous'' does that human not understand? And he'd better not wee on my marker post!'

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Well done you! I'm doing week3 run2 tonight, so your post gives me hope! I can swim for an hour too, but running is more strenuous. As for the jump to next week, i've thought that every week, but it's always ok.

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Shuffling is fine. One day, down the line, you'll pick your feet up and that will be a special day indeed. Til then, shuffling is ok. You do what you have to do to get round

Can you run with the dogs do you think? One day, maybe?

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Pm3eakGraduate in reply to misswobble


Yes, I do take them with me sometimes. However, they are 51kg and 43 kg respectively and incredibly powerful: it is fine off the lead, off road, but not good when running on the road...which I have to do sometimes. Even though they are very well behaved on lead, one little tug from them while running is like being shunted by a dumper truck...not safe. So, we only run together when on bridleways and paths.

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Love your dogs!!

I shuffled and shuffled and shuffled until about week 8, when I picked up the pace for a teeny minute. Now I get faster and faster. It will come.

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😂😂 no weeing on Jethro's post! That would be a sight 😳

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The dog I walk is heavy duty and can pull like a train if he sees a cat or squirrel. I fear for my life then! He does like to jog occasionally though, so when he does I go with him.

Have fun!

Loving the dogs, at that size you have to take their views seriously...

Well done you on keeping going, slow and steady is fine, you’ll get through it nicely

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