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Race for Life


Hi All

First time post for me but have enjoyed reading all your posts and taking advice. I completed W5r3 yesterday and felt great. I continued after the run to brisk walk until I got to 5k. The time was 44min.

I’m 58 and have not run for nearly 20 years. If I can do this anyone can!!!!

I just wanted to make sure I could go the distance as Next Sunday I do the Race for Life. Thanks to this program feeling confident I’ll be able to run half of it and walk the rest.

Thank you to all of you for your helpful posts xx

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I did my first Race for Life two weeks ago, a week after graduating. Such a great experience. The best advice I got from an experienced friend who has done more races than I can remember was don’t run too fast at the start. So true as it is easy to try and follow the pace of the other runners. Do your own race and walk if you need to. Good luck and above all enjoy it!

Thank you Samarie. I guess you could get taken in with the atmosphere 😂 I’ll take your advice slow and steady. Think I’ll be walking up the hills! Xx


Good luck 👍😃

Good luck. I'm doing pretty muddy race for life next Sunday too. Xx

Taylorrun in reply to Cazzajambo

Aw good look. Sure it will be a fun day for us both xxx

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