Race for life

Yay! Just finished my race for life in 24m40s. NEVER run so fast before, so I'm feeling really pleased. The downside is that I have definitely done something to my right foot-cant really weight bear on the heel! I knew I had an injury and hadn't trained for the week, but I was hoping it would just go away. Still, I am sure with a bit of ibuprofen and some stretches it will smooth out, and meantime I can have a little rest from the training. I think my mojo has gone into hibernation for a bit. I never would have thought I could run so fast. My husband was amazed, he claims I came in with the first 10 out of 2100 people. I think he was being a bit optimistic, but it made me smile.

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  • Wow - great time well done you. Take care with that injury.

  • Wow, what a great achievement, and a fantastic time. You should be proud of yourself. :-)

  • Wow! That is an incredible time - absolutely brilliantly well done!

  • What a great time! When did you graduate? I plan to run a RfL next month, which will coincide with my week 9 training, and I'm a little nervous (especially as I'm about to start week 5 so am no-where near ready at the mo).

  • I graduated last May just before doing my first running Race for Life (had previously walked it). I found the adrenaline of the ocasion really helpful both times, and I'm sure you will too-it is such an uplifting occasion!

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