Tough week - but got there in the end.

I thought I'd posted earlier but must have forgotten to click the 'post' button!. Otherwise please accept my apologies if you get 2 similar posts.

Week 5 has not been the best for me. I felt tired before I even started running. Run1 was OK but R2 was very tough. I wondered how on earth I would make R3. However off I went, earphones now working and Laura telling me I can definitely do it. She wouldn't lie to me now would she? Set off like slowy Mcslow face for the first 10 minutes. Then I got a bit cocky and upped my pace (still very slow) for the third 5 minutes. Needless to say it was back to slower than a slow thing for the last 5 minutes - but I did it!!

I didn't find it easy but actually not quite as bad as R2. Thanks to all the support on this forum, it really does help. :)


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13 Replies

  • Brilliant. Well done for persevering. Some weeks seem harder than others for no clear reason. But completing week 5 is a massive achievement.

  • Well done bareliz...hey thats the 20 min run done😊...

    You did it..

    If you are tired before you even go for your run it will be harder. Are you feeling ok, getting enough sleep, eating and drinking well?

    Its ok to take an extra rest day and if you are coming down with something best to rest up and get better..

    Week 6 is a good one run at a time, nice and steady..

    Good luck😊...

  • Thanks, Jan-now-runs. I have an under active thyroid and some days are worse than others. I am due another blood test at the end of next week to see if my medication is at the right level. It's just one of those things that is mostly fine but gets annoying at times. I know next week will also be tough but I feel as if I've put a lot of the hard work in now - so onwards and upwards :)

  • You have done SO well, and it can't be easy with your medical condition...

    Keep up the good work, and I hope you are able to get some relief through correct medication.x

  • Thanks - the joys of getting old (haha) :)

  • Well done - you did it!! On to week 6 now!

    And there is no harm in taking an extra rest day if you are more tired that day - you could always just go for a walk instead!

  • Indeed. I did swap my rest days around so that I had 2 together when I was the most tired. It did seem to help.

  • Well done you, absolutely no doubt about your grit and determination. Stinking performance....

  • Oops meant stonking the spell checker slips....

  • Hm well after I've just finished my run your previous post may be more accurate :)

  • I am always stinking after a stonking run too.... can't find emoticons on iPad so will have to imagine I've posted a perfume bottle, box of chocs and a big sorry card!

  • Haha, keep them for my visit to Italy - oh and a glas of red :)

  • You're on

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