Week 4 tough

The leap from 9 to 16 minutes running proved to be a bit too much; I'm afraid I sneaked about a minute of walking into the first 5 minute run - I was going slow, but probably not slow enough and I clearly haven't learned to pace myself properly early on. I did the rest (incredibly slowly), so maybe 15 minutes, and still an enormous improvement from when I started.

Well done to those who made the W3 - W4 transition first time. I'll have another go (furtively, in the dark, of course) in few days when my body has recovered.

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  • Never mind the one minute walk, Mike. You did it, that's what matters, and you will do it again on your second go. Well done you! :)

  • just a minor blip , slowe and slower still was always the mantra when i was progressing through the program :) enjoy your recovery day/s then back at it and I am sure you will do it :)

  • Going slowly is the key. Go at it like a bull at a gate and you're setting yourself up to not finishing, which is the name of the game

    You'll nail the whole shebang if you just stay slow. Good luck. Have fun!

  • I think it's hard to know how fast to run to be fair (still amuses me that I say run when it's nothing more than a slow jog!). I wouldn't worry about the walk, you're out there and doing it and I guess (at this stage that's all I've got) it will get easier? You have to run for 16 minutes in week 4 runs, I'm scared! :)

  • You're doing really well so don't beat yourself up :-) you're already doing so much more than previous weeks. I'm on week 4 too and finding it tough but we can and will get there :-)

  • i start Wk4 tonight... and am worried about the leap from 9 mins to 16 too... running for 3 mins was tough enough but 5 mins is seeming quite scary!!!

  • Among the many bits of advice I've heard from personal trainers over the years I remember one thing that actually helped:

    It doesn't matter if you stop as long as you start again - soon.

    So come on, just try again, it will get easier, I'm sure.

  • Hi oxford_mike, (My name's Michael too! a very good choice!). Don't worry about easying off a bit. There's no shame in this. On the contrary,, I think it will boost you up to be able to stop a bit and rally start again. I have finished week 5. I found it daunting too. Also I caught a cold which transformed itslef into a proper infection.I took it more leisurely and found I could do it. After ll, you do this for your enjoyment as well as to improve your life.

    You know, i started a long time ago on the treadmill. I could hardly do 2 minutes on it and I was out of breath. Now, easy peasy! I find if you start slowly, your body will become "raring to go" and you will increase the speed unknowingly, then you can keep going at a certain speed, all of your own. That's fantastic. keep it up, you can even do a week again to consolidate your acquired skill. Best wishes and well done! Mic

  • Hello Oxford mike. I'm on week eight now and like you I found the leap hard. Since then with all the fantastic advice from graduates I've learned slow is the way to go. I soon learned that going really slow would get me through each run. Sometimes it was mega slow but as long as I got through the run then that was ok. For me this journey is all about distance anyway rather than speed. You have done fab to get this far and I'm sure next time will be much better if you just think...sloooow. Best advice I've been given. Good luck

  • Thanks for the encouragement; being urged on by complete strangers somehow fits with being a secret C25K runner! Had take 2 of W4R1 at dusk in the drizzle on Saturday and did it! Same route as before, so I could tell I was slower by where I was during the podcast, but kept going - knackered but with a huge sense of achievement. I think Laura is a bit optimistic that I will recover in a day - I bet she's younger than me - but I've done it once, so I can do it again.

  • Ah great, this weekend was so miserable, well done you for getting out and doing it!

  • Well done Mike! Now that I've read that I'm nervous, 16 minutes of running....eek, I'll try to take the advice onboard as well, slow, slow, slow....last run of week 3 tonight and I'm nervous enough about that! I was meant to do it last night and stalled and stayed in on the couch, the guilt I felt was insane - it sucks you in this C25K....! You're chasing that sense of achievement really, even though in my case it's baby steps!

  • ... And all 3 runs finished. Still not finding it easy - well done to those who breeze through the programme, but that's not me. The best bit is still when Laura tells me to stop - I even managed a few strides of 'proper' running at the end after 16 minutes of strange slow shuffling! I can't give up now - I even ran through water last night, having misjudged how deep the puddle was in the subway!

  • Congratulations and good to see you back on program. When i was running/jogging /shuffling along yesterday i saw somebody else (roughly my age and similar speed - we kind of grinned at each other) and wondered whether that might be you - apparently not. but well done again and keep it up.

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