struggled but piushed my way to the end

I did week 4 run 2 today and set off okay but by the time i got to the last 5 minute run i was so tired and aching but i made sure i finished it even if i was slow and finish i did. I really wanted to give up but knew i only had to get to the end and awlk home and stretch and i would feel so much better. A few hours later i feel great again and so i knew it was worth it. Still amazed though that i can run for 5 minutes at a time. Also excited new trainers came today with more support and should work better for me. Loking forward to doing run 3 for this week on thursday now.

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  • Well done! Running for five minutes still seems impossible to me. I love the determination you showed in the last five minute run, and like you say it doesn't matter how slow you go.

    Good luck for run 3 x

  • Thanks very much the support on here helps me keep going

  • Hi maz1984 - I also did Week 4 Run 2 today & struggled through both 5 mins telling myself to keep going! I listen to Laura giving me the timings which helps a lot. I too feel the benefit of it after the event.

    Well done for keeping going - you are right about the support on here too. Good luck on thursday with run 3 :-)

  • well done to you too and good luck to you for run 3 we can do it

  • Well done - all that determination to finish is building your mental strength as well as your physical fitness. Good luck with the next run !

  • your right it is i didn't think of it like that thank you

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