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W9R1 practice run

Bit miffed that I couldn't complete the first 30 minute run but I think I'm just being impatient.

My cold is still persisting and teamed up with the gremlins today, sabotaging my breathing which got me off my stride.

I need to be kinder on myself and get some proper rest before I can get cracking on week 9!

Not committing to a date for my next run, I'm just going to see how I feel on Friday and take it from there.

Good luck on your runs everyone :)

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Yes... be kind to yourself and give yourself time to really recover!

The runs will still be there and you need to look your best when you cruise up to the Graduation podium, where we will all be cheering you on:)

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I feel your disappointment. I had a bad cold on week 8. Your wise, take a break for a few days and when you feel up to it give it a go again.

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