well...due to the disaster with my phone...I went 'naked' today ( this is the latest craze on this blog). I was very apprehensive as it was the first time I'd done it alone ( when I have done it on Parkrun I have Nicola to talk naughty stuff with)


I felt free

I could hear the birds singing

I could hear myself breathing and my feet banging the ground ( +ve and -ve)

I had to really learn to find my long run pace = good training :)

I could 'engage' better with fellow runners ( didn't see any though...obviously too early for them)...just 2 male dog walkers- friendly but a little scary.



No Silky Steve telling me how wonderful I am

No way of alerting anyone to tell them I am dead/ injured/ distressed/ needing a hug etc

No stats on Nike app ( that sounds a bit sad)

No mid run dancing

Park run I am trying really hard not to drink as much as I normally do as hubby says my performance will be so much better if I'm not hungover. I have generally been to date. I am a very naughty girl, but thats why I love running :)



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21 Replies

  • I ran partially naked tonight. Wait. Hang on. That sounds wrong. - The no music thing! I ran with an occasional running buddy tonight and didn't take my ipod (don't need Laura anymore! *sob*!) But we parted ways for her to run home with 3/4 of a mile left and it was then I realised I had no ipod. I was VERY aware of my breathing. I make strange noises apparently. And yea, it was seriously boring. And I have no idea what time I did it in. Shan't be doing that again!

    On the drinking note.........isn't that one of the reasons we run? It's a little known - secret - hangover cure? I say get the wine down your neck! I am! But then I'm not doing a park run tomorrow!

  • ooh...we so need to meet up, and go out and HAVE FUN, we think in the same way...I think it would be amazing!!!

  • One of my PBs at Parkrun was after lots of wine and fish &chip supper. The only time I make sure I don't drink is before a race (Parkrun doesn't count as its a run not a race lol)

  • sensible advice.....

  • That would be brilliant! You remind me so much of a very close friend of mine - to the point of you look like her and everything! - So if I feel like I know you more then I really do!!!!!!!! HAHA.

  • oh dear...well, its all true!!! That would be good I agree. I only have one true running friend, but they are miles away, and then my son Leon, but I can't go out and get pissed with him!!! ( hes 11)

  • Friday night without a drink??? Hmm, not sure about that. Interesting to see your pros and cons from naked running. I always have my music but only have one earbud in as I'm a bit twitchy about not being able to hear people around me. I'm going to try a naked run tomorrow to see what it's like but have a feeling that listening to just how much I huff and puff might worry me.

  • good idea, I think thats sensible being half naked!!! How did you get on totally naked...I really didn't like listening to my intensive breathing...its a bit scary!!

  • I've just come back but got bored just in the 5 minute warm up walk so put my one earbud in - I definitely need something to distract me from the running and to focus on something else apart from my aching legs! Hope the parkrun went well :)

  • Hi JJ ...I'm thinking I might have to start naked running too,well I'll be abandoning Laura shortly anyway and have just about come to the end of my rope with the podcast music :(

    Good luck with the Parkrun tomorrow..hope the heads not banging too much...but like Feef said....running's a good hangover cure on :)

  • Thankyou....and I wasn't sufferring, and good luck going naked....I have to say I prefer having music...

  • I'm laughing at the con of 'No mid run dancing'. Glad it's not just me who does that. I enjoy quite a lot of 'jazz-hands' moments while running.

  • I love having a bit of a boogie....and also just running with my arms in the air because I can!!!

  • Well I'd love to join you ladies.......but I'm a bit shy.

  • I've been running naked for a while (brief stint back with iPod and comedy programmes, but that hasn't lasted very well), but it was only on Thursday that I 'felt' truly naked. My phone is always in my pocket, so if I need to I can call for help. But Thursday I went out, we were away, I didn't know the area (apart from where I'd already run), I'd dropped hubby and son off for a day's sea fishing so they were out of touch, MiL was back at the cottage with dog and daughter but she doesn't drive and there was no phone reception there so couldn't have done anything if I had needed help and all my friends were 400 miles away. Strangely though, apart from a brief instance where I thought 'if anything happens I'm totally stuffed' it didn't worry me in the slightest!

  • I haven't run with music for a long time and much prefer it. Even gave up carrying my phone as hate carrying stuff. Have some money on case need it and my emergency contact details attached to my trainer...need nothing else

  • wow that sounds amazing, total freedom too...I had that on my run in Cornwall as I was by the river in the iddle of the woods at 6AM with no phone reception...I did at one point feel a bit vulnerable when this commando style bloke ran past me...Glad you had a good holiday xx

  • HE WAS COMMANDO??? Wow...

  • I don't know how you all can run naked. The sound of my breathing puts me off, the slap of my feet hitting the ground is awful, but the worst thing is that I get so bored! I also panic that if I die I can't call for help :D

  • I can't run naked; I even hate the gap between tracks! Has anyone tried running with podcasts instead of music and if so, how does that affect your rhythm? Thinking of downloading some comedy. Will I be 'committed ' if I run past people whilst laughing hysterically? ;)

  • ahh now .. imbibing wine as a training aid.. that sounds like a plan i COULD live up to.. and oh the freedom to be able to dance as you run.. i DO look forward to THAT!!

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