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Running naked

I tried this today as when I got ready to run I realised my iPod had no charge so I thought I'd go without music. Well I may as well have been naked. I felt very self conscious, silly and unable to get into my stride. I'm afraid to say I gave up pretty quickly. :-(

How do you manage it all of you naked runners? I like being in my music enclosed bubble that seems to protect me from the outside world as well as giving me a beat to run to.

Viki :-)

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I've been naked running for three months now. I was terrified at the concept at first but quickly found the benefits. I understand the self conscious silly feelings, but I decided that as silly as I feel I look, to someone I look like a proper runner. I enjoy hearing what's around me. I have found my breathing control has improved no end. The one tip I have found is running with friends. I run with a couple of friends who live near me, I run to their houses and they run back to mine with me (and then run home). That way we are running the same amount, and I'm on my own for only half the run. The part of the run I do with them flies by because we are catching up and chatting. Try it again. You might like it ;-) xx


I think it would be ok to go it alone once you've completed the programme but I think you need Laura's commentary up to graduation


I've been getting annoyed with my music lately so have been taking my earphones out, so I might give it a proper go next time. When I have taken them out, I've found I've been able to think more clearly.


I discovered running naked when I found out I wasn't allowed music while doing a half marathon. Since then I have tried running with music again but have found I can maintain a consistent pace, and control my breathing better when running without. I think I run to the music pace and I know I sing along sometimes (definitely doesn't help the breathing and frightens the neighbours). So now I am a naked runner!

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I wouldn't go back to music now. I'm running in the dark at the minute so there is the safety aspect.. I like to be able to hear what's going on around me. But apart ffrom that, it's easier to maintain a comfortable pace without the tempo of the music dictating. Unless you are listening to a DJ mix which is a constant BPM the whole way through, your pace will increase and decrease throughout the run with the BPM of the music. I found this to be a distraction from keeping a good pace for longer runs. I also like to hear my breathing, I was surprised when I first heard my breathing that I wasn't actually gasping for air. It certainly sounded like it when I had music on. I also find it easier to gather my thoughts whilst out on a run without my music distracting me. It's less hassle, not having to compile a new running playlist every week too. Many many advantages!!!


I have only ever run 'naked'. The thought of not hearing the wind, the river, the sheep etc is totally alien to me.

I know many runners do run with iPods, but I feel so much in touch with the environment when running I couldn't ever run with something in my ears....that said....I do have some headphones, so maybe I should at least try this spot!


Haven't run with music since before week 8. I found the music a distraction and limiting - even using my own playlist I was more concerned with 'how many more tracks before I can stop?' 'surely this track is the last one?' - and I was amazed at how much easier I found it to keep going without it!

Now, I really enjoy the time to let my thoughts go where they will, sometimes I sing songs in my head but often I'm not really thinking about anything other than my run.


I don't bother with music for the majority of my runs, much preferring to listen to the sounds of what's going on around me and not bothering with the faff of earbuds/wires.

Two days ago was the first time I tried a sprint intervals sessions without music and I went just as fast. I usually run my intervals session to an Audiofuel pyramid podcast with 30-40-60-75-60-45-30 secs intervals, but my new training plan called for 6x200m in 1 min. So I set my Garmin at 1 min run/walk intervals and visually checked to see if I was going at 5:00km/min. I was happy to see that I managed this session as 'easily' (ie I found it just as hard!!) as using a podcast.


I must admit that I have run 'naked' a couple of times but, for the purposes of the programme, I prefer the support of Laura. I just have it on a low volume so that I can still hear if someone is coming up behind me. It's a matter of personal preference though whether or not to run to music. I would suggest that you use the music with Laura until graduation and thereafter do what works best for you. Good luck. Best wishes.


I run with music on my own in the gym but also run with a friend in the local park. I enjoy chatting and she walks a lot... I am not running v fast but time goes v quickly!


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