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My first proud "run" after blood donation

I am so proud of myself and I wanted to share this feeling with you.

On Friday I donated blood and today I went for a run. Although I was aiming for my next scheduled run (W7R1), I knew it was probably too soon. BUT, I did manage to run for 13 continuous minutes :D and after some walking I also managed to have 2 short runs. In total I was out for 40 min with my dog and I did 2.6 miles.

I was was so wet after my run like I had a shower somewhere in the middle :P

I am so happy that I went out and so amazed that I did this 13 min, while not so long time ago I barely was running for a minute. I suspect that without a dog I would manage a little more. Next run on Thursday.

All runners (regardless the stage, even if it is week1) - don't give up and keep going ;) You can do it!

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Well done on your short runs and your long walk too!

Bravo you for donating blood too, and being sensible with your rest days!

Good advice to all our runners out there... positivity is what is needed... :)

" Believe it and you are half way there" .


Well done little dog!


Thanks :) We all did very well, and my dog is not so little ;)

We are both healthier and happier now.

How are your runs going?

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Back off the IC today... slow, slower and slower still.. but out there thank you!


Goin out and running is the most important part ;)


Thank you for sharing your 'proud' moment! 🙂 I think it's great how running improves our self esteem and mental well being in addition to all the wonderful physical benefits. Well done too on being a blood donor, something I have not done for a while. Good luck with that next scheduled run on Thursday!🙂

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