Couch to 5K

First new year run after break

Happy new year folks!

I did my first run of the year this morning, and first run for 13 days, and paid for it!!!

Had to stop twice, not out of breath but my legs were tired and face burning hot!

That'll teach me! Got a 5k in though only a couple of mins longer than usual so not as bad as expected!

I didn't manage the park run before Xmas due to germs :( but perhaps mid January instead when I'm back up to speed!

Happy running lovely forum folks!

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well done!!! why are you so sad in your pic??!!!


That's early days of c25k when running at all seemed impossible!! I'm much happier now :D


Its so hard getting back into it even after such a short time off. Well done! xx


Thank you!!


Well done you I ran today after a month off ! But only 3km ease myself in good luck with parkrun x


Wow a month off and 3k well done you! Think I'll wait a couple of weeks for park run! thank you :)


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