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Dreading 8 mins of running - W5R2

I was looking forward to todays run (W5R1) however after I was about to start the second 5 min run when some random dog appeared and attached my dog. I had to fight it off and kept shouting at it till its owner appeared...then I shouted at her. So I started everything again from scratch...totally knackered, I'm home in a right mood! The thought of being able to run for 8 mins seems basically impossible to me although I completed todays run and then some I don't think I can manage the next one. Did anyone else have this disbelief? If so, how did it actually go?

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I did Wk5 R1 on Monday, so I am doing W5 R2 tomorrow. I also run with my dog, and know I would be very upset and angry if another dog attacked her, especially as she is normally on a long lead as we run down the canal and it is a popular route for cyclists and families. Just look forward to the next run, and try to put that run behind you. You've done it, thats the main thing!


That sounds so upsetting! I don't run with my dog (she doesn't quite get the concept, generally trying to get out of gentle walks let alone a run).

I eventually stopped looking ahead as I freaked myself out just about every week. You can always repeat a run if it's not completed first time - but you might be surprised how prepared you actually are for the next one! I found a mental block ahead of several runs, but could physically do them if I didn't think too much about it. Anyway, go for it! Good luck!


I definitely agree with Bilby. Don't look ahead, just do what you have to do and don't think about it too much. I don't take my dog out with me as he is a pain, constantly stopping to sniff and wee. No wonder you were upset - I hope that you and your dog are OK and wish you all the best for a better run next time.


I had the feeling of disbelief for around about the first, ooh, nine weeks or so of the programme...! ;) The way to get through is just to tell yourself that it's worked for all these other people, it'll work for you too. And then you try it, and you find that it's possible. And if it's *just* beyond what you can do first try, then you try again a few days later.

I hope the horrible dog (and owner) don't put you and your furry friend off. Running with your dog should be fun! :)


Thanks for your advice. It's not put me off running with Willis, I don't think I'd run with out him to be honest. I think part of the problem is running with my super fit human friend who has a tendency to sprint ahead so I then burst my lungs trying to keep up. I'm going to try W5R2 tomorrow on my own and just see how it goes. Thanks!


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