I am proud - run in hail

I managed to complete my second run (W3R2) between work, shopping and cooking for a guests. But what I am really proud of is that I ran despite it was spitting, I didn't stop although downpour started and I continued in spite of hail. It was the worst weather to go out, and me and my poor dog did it all.

I got back home completely soaked but happy and proud.

I was able to go running only thanks to this forum. Here I read so many inspiring stories, and was amazed by all of you that went running despite bad weather. Thank you for that.


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23 Replies

  • The weather was pretty crap today but we still have to walk the dog so no change there then. Being wet through goes with the territory. You are just walking the dog but a bit faster!

    Good luck with it. Keep going, slow but sure. That's us. Oh, and have fun! I'm sure your dog is loving it

  • I am walking her before run anyway, as she would be too excited and much too fast for me.

    Even she doesn't like rain, she enjoyed spending fun time with me and she was much calmer after run than after walk :)

  • 😀 well done 😀 Sounds like you smashed it🎉

    My dog refused to run with me last time I went out 🤔

  • My dog loves sprints, so I need to build up my speed to keep up with her :P In hail she wanted so desperately to be back home that I needed to slow her down every few steps :P

  • What dog 🐶 do you have?

  • She is a rescue dog, a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier with a little of Labrador.

  • Oh yes, I bet she keeps you busy 😂 Terrier/ lab

    Wow, full of fun and energy 😀 Keep running with her, she'll keep you going 😉👍😂

  • I lost weight and learned to run so I could keep up with the dog. It worked cos now I can. He's not even my dog! LOL

  • WOW, you are faster that the dog?! I admire you already. Do you want to go for a run with my dog? Upper body workout is for free ;)

    Whose dog are you running with?

  • He is my neighbour's do. He is a puller! He pulled me to hell and back but he's much better now, thankfully. It used to be more like wrangling a steer than taking the dog for a walk but he's calmed down now. He still goes off like a rocket if he sees a squirrel so I have to keep my eyes peeled.

  • I know exactly how you felt. For my dog only proper few hour hike would help, for one day. Maybe running will help her.

  • Very well done.. it was awfully rough here yesterday and we had hail late afternoon too!

    Brilliant getting out there and doing it, and little dog too!

  • Thanks, I wouldn't go if it would start before I went out. Fortunately my dog is not so little ;) (mix American Staffordshire Terrier with little from Labrator)

  • They are much happier and well behaved if given plenty of exercise but they have to be introduced gradually, like us 😀

  • Well done

    I'm finding the +3 temp balmy

    Gradually wearing less clothes when I run- don't worry 7 weeks ago I started off with top fleece and high Viz vest

    Have now lost the fleece and just purchased builders tee shirt complete with built in fluorescent stripes - half price in asda sale!

  • For now I am running with long kind of yoga trousers, fleece and hiking short sleeve shirt. My dream is to be fit enough and slim enough to feel comfy to run in shorts and bra top :P Maybe in few years time.

    For now, knee high leggings and fitted shirt would be achievable goal ;)

  • All hail IgaT ! :)

    Seriously, though, that was impressive. Sounds like you're a Proper Runner now. :)

  • I wish I could say I am a Runner ;) Anyway - THANK YOU :)

    AnneDroid: I have a weird question - how you add 'tag' to the name?

  • Start with the @ symbol, then start typing the person's name and it will appear in a wee box below, perhaps with some others that begin the same way. Just click on the one you're looking for.

  • AnneDroid - thank you so much :)

  • You crazy runner! I've run in boiling heat, freezing cold/snow, pouring rain - but hail? That's a step too far for me! You'll go far!

  • Thanks Curlygurly2 :) The hail caught me half way my run. I am not sure if I would deliberately go even during slightly heavier rain. However, the longer I am in this group and the more posts I read, I am more and more inspired and encouraged to push myself harder.

    You are amazing groups of people!

  • I guess if you are caught in it with no shelter, running will get you out of it sooner!

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