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Well after doing r1 Sunday with a degree of comfort I went out this morning feeling good, 5 minute warm up walk and off I went and bugger me but I once again found myself enjoying it and having time to look around me a little and take in the sites lol

Though for sure I have to put this down to SUSTAINABLE PACE, if I went much slower I'd be standing still lol though pace will come later but even this morning with 1 minute to go I upped the tempo and did it comfortably without my lungs burning

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Slow works... take it from the original Grey snail... !

You are doing wonderfully.. and with each run, as you are seeing, you are getting stronger! Upping the tempo a little too, and keeping it comfortable.. well done!

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

am also finding recovery time is imoroving

OldflossAdministrator in reply to rolysmate

That is wonderful! Go you!


I did Wk2R2 last night and slowed things right down until the final run when I went for it.

So let's examine the evidence, sustainable pace, ability to look around and you didn't fall over by being distracted oh and you upped your tempo too... how brilliant is that? Well done you I have run 3 tomorrow - my challenge is now to look around and enjoy the sights too. Well done fellow Week 5er

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Starting to feel like "a runner"

Good look with r3 though I'm sure you'll blast it

You did it! Fantastic! 😁👍

Well done


that's encouraging to me as i am about to do week 5-1 tomorrow and trying to find some encouragement not to be afraid of it...

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Hidden

Trust the programme, it's obviously designed for us to succeed and you will, nothing to be frightened of just get out there and enjoy yourself and then come back and tell me you did it ---- look forward to seeing that post ---- go go go but nice and steady ---- sustainable pace will get you through it


ps, once I got through r1w5 I stopped being worried about the next one

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