Taking a break and having a panic!

Morning, I'm just about to start week 9, headed out for run 1 last night but had to call it a day after 10 mins running. I'm struggling with hip and ankle pain. Went to see a physio earlier in the week she said I need to strengthen my glutes as my pelvis leans forward when I run which explains the pain. I've got some daily exercises to do. So I'm thinking if not running until the current pain subsides but I'm so panicky about losing all my hard work. I'm so proud of how far I've come and feeling really sad about this set back. I never thought I'd be able to run but I can and have loved the programme. Any thoughts on how to maintain my fitness? I wondered about joining a yoga class to focus on my core/glutes. Would welcome other people's experiencing of breaking the training. Thanks!


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5 Replies

  • ju-ju- is our resident Bum Specialist!

    Sounds as though this is something that has manifested itself quite suddenly?

  • I've had it on and off from the start but I think the interval training helped it and I had a while where it wasn't a problem. The ankle pain is new. It's been most pronounced since I've been doing 25 mins plus. I've also got about 4/5lbs too much weight on me at the mo which I don't think helps.....

  • Did your physio tell you not to run? If so then don't but if not then keep going slowly. Take a few days' rest, do your exercises and stretch regularly and then see how it feels. Even if you have to take a few weeks off you will still be able to get back to it fairly easily. So don't panic!

    I have a pelvis problem too and do Pilates which works wonders but you have to be consistent and do your glutes strengthening exercises every day.

  • Thanks. No she said I could carry on subject to not being in pain. She also gave me some "running cues" to run tall and tuck my bum in!

  • That's good then. Only you can decide when to go but just take it gently to begin with.

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