Taking a short break

You know that sketch in Fawlty Towers where Basil gives his car ONE last chance to start, before he gets out and gives it a damned good thrashing with that tree branch? Well I did the same this morning with my legs (minus the thrashing!)

"RIGHT! I'm gonna get out of bed now and if I feel ONE twinge.......ONE TWINGE.....you guys are on a forced break. You hear me? I SAID DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!!

Got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. "ZIng....zing....zoinggggg" went my legs, with little pains pinging through my right shin. Those b***ard legs!

"Right! That's it. You, my little beauties, aren't going anywhere until I say so?"

So alas, I have decided to do the right thang and take a wee break from running. Only about a week I'd say, but I'm gonna see if it works.

So until then - keep YOUR legs in check, keep running and be careful out there.



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18 Replies

  • Maybe that's what your legs have been wanting all these weeks and months. Are you going to let them win? If you give in to them now there'll be no end to it. You're in charge of your legs, not the other way about. Show them who's boss!

    I think negotiating with your legs is the thin end of the wedge. What next? Where can it all lead? I think it's a very slippery slope you're on young man and no good can come of it. Mark my words!

  • And after all I've done for them too! Lycra leggings notwithstanding........

  • That's gratitude for ya! Pampering them with luxury fabrics and for what! Treat em 'ard!

  • Hmm that could be the problem...your legs might not be as fashionable as you and would prefer a nice old fashioned pair of jogging bottoms or even dare I mention the good old shell suit?

  • But you will keep posting I hope ....

  • bananas...especially if you are getting tingly and numbness ( potassium deficiency)...enjoy the rest but don't let them think they've won!!!

  • Can't eat bananas. Have hated them since I was a kid and find the flavour gag inducing. Are there any other potassium rich foods I could try?

  • my sister is exactly the same...I could torture her just by swinging one in front of her face...what about avacado, peanut butter and seaweed ( all high in potasssium)?....you could make a disgusting paste in that juicing thing and spread it on toast???

  • Ahhhh I eat avocados regularly and also peanut butter too. So that's good. My juicing thing Juju is no more.....it died and went back to Argos where we got a refund.

    Your poor sister. I can imagine her cowering, as a large banana is waved in front of her boat race. (No double entendre intended there by the way - which for me is a rarity!)

  • I feel the same about ripe bananas *shudder*, have you tried them slightly on the green side? Completely different and much nicer flavour, in my humble opinion...

  • Scarlett.....I just....couldn't! I'd be sick!

  • Wow I thought I was the only person in the world who felt like that So glad to hear I am not alone Dan I can't even stand being in the room with someone eating a banana The smell alone makes me want to gag My family just don't understand It's a real pain as would be so handy as a runner to like them Maybe we should start a support group

  • Good idea. I'll think of a name.....

  • Oh, I'm so glad it's not just me. I hate them too, both the flavour and the texture. Mind you, I'm very sensitive to texture generally. Mashed potatoes make me gag!!

  • Sorry to hear that Mr Dan. Kick them into touch. Get back on the trampoline! Get well soon :-(

  • Thanks Jen.

  • One week is all we will give you Dan my man to recline in your Jacuzzi. ;) To be serious now though, rest sometimes is the one thing that's needed, my heel was twinging away for weeks on end and although the rollering was helping it flared again when I did any impact. Went off on holiday for a week, only slow walking was done and came back and it had settled down. Pamper yourself, maybe even get a massage, eat healthy foods and walk, you won't lose any fitness but you may lose your painful legs. Here's hoping, good luck. :)

  • Thanks OldGirl. Excellent advice which I took only this afternoon - with a two hour walk! Gorgeous day so I feel I've earned my vodka and tonic!

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