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Bit sore so having a re-think

Just finished week 4. When doing those runs the tops of my feet where they join the ankle, my knees and my shins afterward all sore. I've had my running analysed and got correct shoes.

I think it's the 5st overweight causing the problems so I'm going to take it down to one run every two days instead of every other day and repeat each week. The aim being to lose weight to relieve the pressure on my joints. See how that goes

It's disappointing as I am enjoying the program but the pain is too much and I'm worried I'm doing more harm than good. Anyway it's not a race and a GP friend did suggest doing each week twice so I should have listened.

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Hi NewbieRunner71 - are you stretching out before and after each run? The one downside I find to the podcasts is that they fail to emphasise the importance of stretching out and lack of any guidence on how to stretch.


I have read statements from many well established runners and trainers to NOT stretch before a run -- warm up before a run and only stretch after . Apparently stretching cold muscles is prone to causing injury.


It maybe that you are aching because you are new to running, and that's all

I think we all felt twinges, and aches and pains to start with


It could be that you have your laces too tight on the last 2/3 eyelets. Slacken them slightly and see if that helps. Also, stretches after running are essential!


I'm doing the programme for the second time. When I started it last year I did each week twice due to my age, weight and general level of unfitness. I was also doing keep fit exercises (based on Pilates) and I had no problems. This second time round I planned to do each week twice as before but, foolishly, allowed myself to be influenced by a post on this forum from someone who "couldn't understand" why someone should need to do each week twice just because of age. Also, I hadn't been doing the keep fit for a while (which involved stretching, etc). This time round week W3R1 nearly killed me and I reverted to week 2 but had a failed run on the first run of week 2 (after reverting). I couldn't run for almost two weeks. I started again from week 2 after that but am still having problems. I would always put the advice of a GP above that of anyone else now. It remains to be seen whether I will continue with the programme at all now as I have lost confidence. I feel you might well have been better to listen to your GP friend. I would also advise you to get your soreness checked out by a qualified person (your GP) before going on. I hope your soreness gets sorted out and best wishes for your future runs.


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