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Hello hello! πŸ˜„

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So I'm relatively new here and have just completed week 2, and have been following this forum for inspo. Felt like i needed to post something to keep me accountable; It also makes me feel less like a lurker.

I'm 22 and used to do a lot of dancing, but am definitely not a runner. Thought c25k would be a good way to ease in. Was horrified by how badly I managed the first couple of runs actually! But have completed them and hoping to - maybe-one day-potentially - start enjoying it. Not much luck so far, just satisfying to see a tick each time I complete one.

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Where do you get a tick? I want one! W3 here and not enjoying it yet!

Keep going!

runningforchipsGraduate in reply to Kittentamer

Well I'm using the app opposed to the podcasts, so it just ticks off each run as you complete them. Very satisfying for me!

Thanks. I'll try it.

Well done RFC it becomes surprisingly addictive getting ticks. Which coach do you use? Loads of us like Jo W, Sarah M gets kudos too. But for me it's Mr Smooth, the first time he shouted yes you did it, felt like being Meg Ryan in the diner scene...

Keep at it and you find just little things to like.... for instance liking the fact that running for 90 seconds made Week 1 seem easy peasy.

runningforchipsGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Yes, Yes the same for me. Such a calming voice for when my lungs are on fire!

There's lots of us like Mr Smooth, he becomes quite an addiction!

I also enjoy getting the tick βœ… although I'm repeating a week 2 run on Friday so won't get a new one. πŸ˜• x


Well done you, keep us posted on your progress :)

Hello running for chips😊

The feeling after your run is the bees knees though isn't it.

Remember you can take the run sections slowly, they get longer but less of them and you are building stamina, no need for speed...

Hope you have fun on Week 3, wish I had found this at your age...πŸ˜‰

Good luck.x

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