Hello from a Newbie

Hello from a Newbie

Hello All,

I'm quite new to this - female, 64 years old and only recently started Couch to 5K, which I'm loving. I have just completed week three and although it's not been the easiest, I'm pleased that I've managed it and also pleased that I can see small improvements each week.

Can anyone tell me - although it says 'walking' and 'running' in the instructions - my running is more like a slow jog right now ! Should I be pushing to make myself faster or will this just come with time?

Thank you for reading this I look forward to being part of this community.



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20 Replies

  • The trouble is no-one says jog anymore. Everyone runs and is a runner. When I was a kid they were joggers, and they went jogging. But jogging isn't the 'in' word now.

    But, the truth is what they really mean and what they are really doing is jogging.

    Slow is fine. it is about building stamina and endurance at this stage, not running (jogging) yourself to exhaustion.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum.

  • Ha ! Good to know I'm retro in my choice of wording.

    Thanks very much for the quick reply and I'm glad to know that building up stamina slowly is a good thing.

    I'm sure I'll enjoy reading all the posts on this forum and learn lots too.

  • hi i'm all so 64 and finished the program a few weeks ago as whatsapp said and i'm sure many others will confirm this program is about training to run for 30 mins .

    when you have done that then you can if you want think about speed or distance

  • Hi Linny. Welcome.

    I'm a spring chicken at 54 but I still have to put up with my run tracking app insisting I've been out for a walk!

    Don't worry about the speed or the distance yet. It's all about training your body to run for the intervals set at the moment. The speed comes later (so I am told) :)

    Good luck, and keep us informed.

  • Thanks very much - I will.

    How annoying !! I think I would probably bin that tracking app .....

  • You should be called tiredyoungman

  • Ha ha, you're as old as you feel. Say no more :)

  • Hi Linny, The mantra on this site is "steady and Slow" you may find later you have enough left in the tank to step up the pace, but THE most important thing is to complete your jogs, it doesn't matter if u "run" slower than you walk.

  • Thanks Hannah - that's good to know

  • Hi there runner... I am just a tad older than you at 67! We are the more seasoned runners on this great forum:)

    Do not push yourself at all... not ever... you will feel challenged, your body may protest a little... of course it will...but the mantra is slow and steady.

    Slow and steady gets you to the Graduation podium injury free and having had a brilliant time en route:)

    Running stamina takes time to build up... and this C25K does that gradually and with structured progression :)

    Keep posting for loads of advice and support and the odd shove if you feel you need one !

    ( if you check out the pikkie on my last post... you could be doing that in the future :)

  • Ha ! Great photo Oldfloss - my photo won't be nearly so cool as yours though - I run in cutoff pedal pushers and a cat t shirt .... I'm enthusiastic with a style all of my own ....... hmmmmm.

  • Sounds good to me.. we run our own path in our own style :)

  • Hello! I just wanted to say 'welcome' 🎉 and that your cat is absolutely gorgeous!

    Lisa 🐈😸

  • Thank you - his name is Roo.

  • Oh, that makes me think of Winnie the Pooh :) x

  • Hello Lynny, it sounds as though you are doing just fine. Slow jogging will get you there. If you try to go too fast, especially at the start, you may well use up all your energy reserves and struggle to complete the run.

    I'm 63 and have just completed W9R3 this week, so you can do it too! Though I am running for 30 minutes, I'm not yet running 5K though I am close to it. My tactic is to start very slowly (the first 5 minutes or so are tough) then my body sort of gets into a groove and I plod along quite merrily. Towards the end, if I have the energy, I do some mini-intervals - I run fast to the next lamp post then jog slowly to the next one. Over time, your speed and endurance will improve - just trust the program. Good luck!

  • Slow and steady saves the day. Lots of great advice on here and most importantly much encouragement. It seems almost magic that each week enables you to run that bit longer. Great programme. Keep up the good work

  • You are so right Plumpinthenorth ! I can hardly believe that I can do more each week. As you say a great programme and I'm spreading the word about it.

  • Me too. I wish I had found it sooner 😁

  • Slow and steady will keep you going and injury free. Don't worry about speed as that can happen later on in a gentle natural way. Just keep on with what you're doing and keep smiling😀

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