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I've just completed W1R1 and am amazed to have managed all the 60 sec bursts of running. I have a dog so I'm used to walking, but have never run in my life. A friend asked if I would train for a 10K and I said no. I didn't think it was for me, especially starting at the age of 49! But I kept thinking about it and after going online to find out how to make a start, I found myself on this forum. I think what's spurred me on is the positivity and help on here. Thanks for making me think I can do this!


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  • You really can and as you say there is lots of inspiration on here. Lots of support too so keep posting! Well done in getting started. Look forward to reading about your journey.

  • Thank you for the encouragement. :-)

  • Oh you can do it :-) I am just finishing week 4 and the same age and I just "didn't do running" before :-) But I am now - very slowly and not at all elegantly and only for 16 mins a podcast at the moment but it's an amazing programme. This forum is truly inspirational and keeps me going and believing I may just do this. Well done on your first run !! btw my dog comes with me every runs and loves it

  • Thank you! Well done on reaching Wk4 and good luck beyond that. Wish my dog was a good running buddy like yours. I tried taking mine but he was completely startled when I started to run - just sat down and refused to budge. It's easier to go without him, but it means I still have to take him out when I get back. He's a terrier πŸ™„

  • Oh that's so funny. Poor fella's probably wondering what on earth you are doing. Mines a collie so loving hearding me along πŸ˜‚ Mind you a run and a dog walk means more steps and that's only good !

  • You absolutely can!

    Most of us started from where you are and have grown to love running. You won't regret the decision to start.

  • Thank you. I really hope so! When I came out of the shower after my third run this week I was tempted to have another run. Didn't realise it might be addictive!

  • I am 49 as well and the programme has got me running 5k within 9 weeks. I am aiming for 10k now as well. Well done for starting and i am sure you will enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing all about your progress.

  • Thanks for the encouragi words. Well done on graduating and good luck with the 10k. :-)

  • I'm 49 too. Hadn't exercised since school but the programme is amazing!

  • Oh go on ...you can do it. I started at 52 having never run in my life before and it's perfectly possible. I haven't even got a dog.

  • Well done for taking the first step! The C25k programme is brilliant, following it is one of the best decisions you'll ever make so stick at it and you'll continue to surprise yourself. Go slow, stretch, take your rest days and you'll be a runner before you know it!

    The forum is one of the best places on the internet. It's full of incredible, inspirational people so do make use of it for advice, encouragement and to let everyone celebrate your successes with you! Post after your runs and let us know how you're getting on. We'll be with you every step of the way :)

  • I started the program at 56, didn't have a dog so borrowed one to walk to help my weight loss. Lady at WW told me about c25k and I have been running since

    Just go steady. Slow is just fine for this caper 😊 Have fun

  • Thanks to everyone for your comments. Taking on board all the advice :-)

  • Welcome to the board and for taking up this amazing programme , you wont regret it !

    Please keep posting of your progress and anything youre not sure about ,please don't worry about asking . We all started from exactly the same point, and we " get " it .

    Well done for making that start and Good Luck for the rest of the programme :-) xxx

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