Hello! I'm a new member of the community. I have been unwell with a chronic vestibular disorder for about three years and spent much of that time in bed so I had to build up to week one with a month or so of going out for walks. Now I have just completed week 9, I'm feeling very pleased with myself and I've fallen in love with running! yesterday I decided to run the full 5k how ever long it took me. As suspected I am not very fast (yet) but I discovered that I can run for 44 minutes, :D. My plan is to alternate 5k runs with 30 minute runs and hope that they eventually become the same thing. Does that sound sensible? Any way I just wanted to introduce myself. I've had a bit of a poke around on the forum this morning, I can't believe I didn't join in sooner. Such a supportive friendly bunch!



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  • Well done! How is your health now, has running helped you? I graduated 15 weeks ago and your goals sound perfect! I carried on with 30 mins X 3 for a week and introduced a 5k. Soon found when I got to 30 mins on a run, wanted to keep running and progressed to 3 X 5 k. Did that for many weeks as 5k is a really good challenge but have progressed to 10k (still love 5k though)! Speed increases by itself I've found as your body adjusts. There is a 10k forum too which is worth checking out!

  • Well done Sam and welcome to the Runners Addicted Club. Your plan sounds fine as long as you don't increase your total weekly mileage more than 10%. Congratulations on running 5K too and you've taken the right approach and kept it slow. Keep doing that and spookily you'll find you get faster too!

  • Sounds like an excellent plan Sam. Think I'll be joining you on that one. Have 1 run left to go and I've been wondering how to proceed post graduation. Moving through the programme keeps you motivated but afterwards I think I'll need some kind of goal. Was thinking about building up gradually to running for an hour since I am not too bothered by speed, but naybe need to give the whole thing more thought. Great how you get hooked, isn't it?

  • Congrats on Graduating!!!! Well done. It really is an amazing feeling isn't it. Progress steadily through the distances, using C25k+ podcasts, if you've not already started those. They're free from here, and still with good old Laura! We highly recommend them here. They will take your running forward in a controlled way. It's not about speed at all. It's about finishing each session safely so you're ready for the next after at least a day's rest

    Have fun!

    When you've run the Stepping Stones podcasts inside out then you might like to try the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k podcasts. They are on a Dropbox file here and they're free. Harder but the music is a blast!

  • Welcome Sam, somewhat belatedly! Congratulations on graduating and especially getting to run with vestibular problems. I had a similar virus for some weeks over the summer and know just how debilitating that can be. You should be feeling very proud!

  • Well done on all your achievements. Sounds like you have a good plan for your continued running journey. It's a lovely place to come and share on here, glad you've found us and look forward to hearing how your getting on.

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