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Hello! I'm a new member of the community. I have been unwell with a chronic vestibular disorder for about three years and spent much of that time in bed so I had to build up to week one with a month or so of going out for walks. Now I have just completed week 9, I'm feeling very pleased with myself and I've fallen in love with running! yesterday I decided to run the full 5k how ever long it took me. As suspected I am not very fast (yet) but I discovered that I can run for 44 minutes, :D. My plan is to alternate 5k runs with 30 minute runs and hope that they eventually become the same thing. Does that sound sensible? Any way I just wanted to introduce myself. I've had a bit of a poke around on the forum this morning, I can't believe I didn't join in sooner. Such a supportive friendly bunch!


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Well done! How is your health now, has running helped you? I graduated 15 weeks ago and your goals sound perfect! I carried on with 30 mins X 3 for a week and introduced a 5k. Soon found when I got to 30 mins on a run, wanted to keep running and progressed to 3 X 5 k. Did that for many weeks as 5k is a really good challenge but have progressed to 10k (still love 5k though)! Speed increases by itself I've found as your body adjusts. There is a 10k forum too which is worth checking out!

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Well done Sam and welcome to the Runners Addicted Club. Your plan sounds fine as long as you don't increase your total weekly mileage more than 10%. Congratulations on running 5K too and you've taken the right approach and kept it slow. Keep doing that and spookily you'll find you get faster too!


Sounds like an excellent plan Sam. Think I'll be joining you on that one. Have 1 run left to go and I've been wondering how to proceed post graduation. Moving through the programme keeps you motivated but afterwards I think I'll need some kind of goal. Was thinking about building up gradually to running for an hour since I am not too bothered by speed, but naybe need to give the whole thing more thought. Great how you get hooked, isn't it?


Congrats on Graduating!!!! Well done. It really is an amazing feeling isn't it. Progress steadily through the distances, using C25k+ podcasts, if you've not already started those. They're free from here, and still with good old Laura! We highly recommend them here. They will take your running forward in a controlled way. It's not about speed at all. It's about finishing each session safely so you're ready for the next after at least a day's rest

Have fun!

When you've run the Stepping Stones podcasts inside out then you might like to try the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k podcasts. They are on a Dropbox file here and they're free. Harder but the music is a blast!


Welcome Sam, somewhat belatedly! Congratulations on graduating and especially getting to run with vestibular problems. I had a similar virus for some weeks over the summer and know just how debilitating that can be. You should be feeling very proud!


Well done on all your achievements. Sounds like you have a good plan for your continued running journey. It's a lovely place to come and share on here, glad you've found us and look forward to hearing how your getting on.


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