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Sore knee:(

Hi, I started the programme 2 weeks ago, I have never ran in my life but my daughters encouraged me and we all started together.

I repeated week1 as I was unable to do much of it on the first attempt but made great progress this week and completed each run,

Problem is I now have such pain in my knee, I'm struggling to walk! I don't want it quit? Any advice would be great:)

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While it might seem discouraging taking a week or two off of the program until your knee heals is critical. If you run on it much more it could get worse and discourage you.

There is nothing wrong with taking a week off to heal. Actually if you eat enough protein you will build up the muscles you worked and gain stamina. And by the way, you aren't the only one who repeated week 1. I did it too.

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I was ready for week two but I'm thinking after a week break to rest my knee I'll be back to week 1:)


Hi and welcome :)

Unfortunately, our bodies...particularly our legs, do protest when we start a new exercise like running.. It is normal !

Make sure you are well hydrated... every day, not just run days, warm up very well, and then, as slow as you like... the daughters may be faster...( ah, youth)...but the trick with this whole programme is steady and slow.

Your journey, as slow as you like:)

Our legs take a massive impact and heels and knees, they can suffer... try to land very lightly and not to thump your feet down... relax and look around as you start these first weeks...After the runs, stretching is a good idea;)

Exercise on your rest days can help too... there are some basic ones here...


and...walking, swimming or cycling...many of us did the NHS strength and flex exercises too on rest days.. very useful for building up our running legs!!


Your body will tell you if this is the pin( normal) of a new exercise or something more... if it does not ease, despite all your efforts, then get it checked out :)

Keep posting anyway!!!

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Thank you:) yes the daughters are way ahead of me! I wouldn't even try to keep up;)

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Hey, don't beat yourself up about not completing the programme in the 9 weeks. I've had to restart it again after having hip bursitis and am currently doing my second week of week 4. And, I'd be quite happy to stay on week 4 forever TBH.

You have to listen to your body. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it 😊


I just worried that I now won't be able to run, my knee is still very sore and that's from Friday!

I don't think I was wearing the right shoes either so I need to look into that too:)


I did a previous post about getting a gait analysis done. If I'd have had one done at the beginning rather than once I'd graduated, I don't think I'd have had problems with my hip.


Oh where do you get that? That sounds like it would help?


I had mine done in my local sport shop. They film you running on a treadmill and see how you place your feet. Then they recommend a running shoe to suit your gait.

Just search "gait analysis near me".

I have a prolapsed instep (I think that is what it's called) so my shoes support that part of my foot.

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