Advice needed please - sore knee :(

I parked up at the supermarket on the way home tonight and it had started snowing (again) so I started a little jog across the car park and almost immediately got a pain in my left knee. I've never had so much as a twinge before so it pulled me up, I was ok walking and using the clutch but I've come in now and just bent down to go to the fridge and as I straighten it's there again. I ran stepping stones and really struggled on Monday (excesses of a hen weekend) but I don't remember any issues with my knee. Should I run or rest tonight? Anything else I should be doing? Don't want to sabotage myself for the 5X50!!!!

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  • Ouch! I ended up with a knee issue week 9. I found ice helped, as well as using a light brace when I ran to keep my knee cap in-line. I take supplements to encourage cartilage development and joint lubrication. Over time, I still use a light support when I run and personally feel I needed to just build the joints up in strength. If you ever have sharp pain, stop the activity and see a professional. Looking forward to a fun 5x50 with you! Gayle

  • Tonight: rest with ice or do a light walk with ice afterwards. Ice also for the bourbon and coke. ;-)

  • Cheers Gayle, will rest and ice and see how it is tomorrow. School night so no alcohol sadly!

  • I twinged my calf/shin a bit running round an icy carpark (waiting for husband to turn up - it was cold and dark, and I was trying to keep warm!) in January. I had a couple of days' rest, and it was then ok. Going straight into a run without warming up first, especially when it's cold, probably isn't such a good idea, when I look back.

    Gayle's ice treatment sounds a good idea (especially the bit in the drink). Probably best to rest for a day or two and then take it very gently. If you have to start 5x50 at a reduced level, better that than not being able to join in at all!

  • Thanks greenlegs, I'll see how it feels tomorrow and maybe just have a really slow jog tomorrow night and see how it goes. Might call by a sports shop and get a knee support as well. I've resisted going into one so far so it will be interesting to see what else I come out with :-D

  • Ha ha! Perhaps Gayle has caught you in her shopping-for-running net! :D

    I'd definitely recommend the MoreMile running socks - mine came yesterday, and I'm surprised just how comfy they are. Very short though - chilly ankles!

  • I run because I can shop!! ;-) I must checkout these more mile socks I keep hearing about!!!!!

  • Sounds like it was cold and you didn't do a warm up. Sounds like a little injury. Best to rest up for a fews days. Don't worry you won't lose your fitness.

  • Thanks Mark, it's gone today :) so I'll have a gentle jog tonight

  • Yippeeeee! You'll be all set for the 5x50!!!! :-) Gayle

  • A gentle, easy 3.5k tonight (can't believe I just typed that...never in a million years...:)) and the knee didn't bother me once. Bring on the challenge!

  • I'm having same issue. Left knee is agony. Not been out since Sunday and really missing it. Might try a run later today and see how it is. Really want to do 5x50 challenge :-(

  • Good luck! Would be great if you could join us :)

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