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W5R2 - struggling


Hey, so i've just run W5R2 and it was a struggle, keeping going on the 2nd 8 minute run was mentally painful and the prospect of a 20 minute run next is frankly overwhelming. I'm aware it'/ hot and that can affect alot. My thoughts are to go back and start week 5 again but not sure if thats a good idea (it's just back 2 runs). I'd rather do that and stay motivated then dread my next run! ☺️

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Read all the posts about people who felt just like you, then went on to complete the run. Most people say they would never have believed they could do it.......they did. So can you. This is all in your head.

Believe in yourself. You can do it


Why go back? Try for 20 minutes and if you don't make it just take a rest day and try again. But almost certainly you will make it and I can tell you that will make you feel amazing. The heat will make it harder though so bear that in mind when you decide when to run it.

Most of us felt the same for the next run but try to put it in perspective. It's a run. No one will die if you don't do it. The programme has prepared you for it and you are ready for it.

Don't go back. Carry on, run very slowly, tell your head to shut up and let your body do its thing. Then relish in the epic feeling you'll have when you've done it 💪💪💪


Hubby and me have run3 tomorrow morning and although I'm not dreading it, I'm not particularly looking forward to it. If I have to run at snails pace I'm determined to do it though. I took my mind off the 8 minutes run by looking around and telling myself why i like what I see and keeping my head clear of wondering if it was nearly over.....hopefully that works tomorrow too 😊


Embrace the fear. How do you know if you can do something if you don't challenge yourself?

Look the fact is you ran for 16 mins in W5R2 and dipped down to a walk in the middle, meaning you were on the move for 21 minutes. You have worked on this programme to get yourself ready for this. At this stage the only leap is a mental one, as we try to convince our own minds that we are able to do this.

This is what you started this programme for - you've got this!

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