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W5R2 oops hiccup

I did W5R2 this evening.. well sort of. The first 8 minute run I completed without a problem really, but the second run I stopped after 2 mins!! Oh I was annoyed with myself, then after about a minute's rest I went on and completed the second 8 minute run, so I ran it but in two bits! Then after another few mins rest I ran back home which took me 4 minutes. Well it was my first hiccup in the plan so far so I'm not beating myself up too much (I'm 57 so no spring chicken ha ha). I am off on holiday for a few days (no chance of running) so am just going to re-start Week 5 next Monday and this time I will do it as it should be done. I am well pleased that i have got this far and I do feel much better for it and my clothes are starting to feel a bit bigger yeah!

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Well done, you are 3 runs ahead of me. I was in Spain at the beginning of the month on week 2. All I would say was I was not alone on my morning runs, and as long as you can fit trainers in your bag, you might find it a great addition to your holiday to run along the beach etc. Have a great holiday


I'm at the airport waiting to fly off for a few days - managed to sneak in my running gear - I'll be off running along the beach in the morning. Haven't told the husband yet!!!!'

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Well done for making it this far! Hiccups happen, at least you didn't throw in the towel all together and you sound like the rewards you've already gained are helping your great attitude.

Hope you have a relaxing holiday and good luck when you get back!


Cheers thanks for the support guys. Unfortunately its not a beach holiday I'm going on just a bus trip but it's still a break. Have a great weekend everyone xx


Yeah! Well done. Good for you. Enjoy your holiday.


Enjoy your holiday and don't beat yourself up like you say. I am 61 and have graduated so you CAN do it. Turn the page and hey ho away you go. Take your running gear you may want to run on holiday.


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