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Week 9 and beyond cream crackered update


If your gonna wear combination trousers out for the day , remember to take the legs with you lol .

Not done a run for nearly 2 weeks because i cooked my legs . Doing a days fishing , a beautiful hot sunny day and i discover legs for trousers left at home . Legs burnt so bad the skin in front and back off knees cracked and ripped as i walked took nearly this long to heal . So i take it really gentle and plan to do 30 min or 3k whichever came 1st . As i hadnt run for 2 weeks im taking it 5 minutes at time and see how i feel . So of i go and get through the toxic 10 minutes and im in the groove . Next thing i know app announces 3k so i stop and look how long it took and blow me down it shows 25 mins , totally shocked I DID NOT EXPECT THAT . I expected to go the full 30 min and be still short of 3k , so delboy is a happy bunny and only got achey calves

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Ouch. That's a heckuva burn. But it sounds like the a enforced rest did you good. Well done.

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