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Week 9 and beyond cream crackered update


Sorry not posted for a while , but its been one breakdown after another. What with taking a tumble 6 or 7 weeks ago , resulting in smashing knees and a hand , then pulling ligament in right knee and then doing a pull on achillies tendon , its like ive got long term residency on the i.c . Soent the last week just walking at slowly increasing distance and pace . Target date for trying a run is monday, i cant wait . Giotta admit during the last few weeks my sense of well being has really taken a dive and it has shown to those closest too me . Really need 1st few runs to go well , just for the boost , never thought not being able to run would hit so hard but hey ho . Lets see what minday brings

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Blimey, you have been through it 😩 No wonder you're itching to get out there. We get it 🙂

Nice, slow, short run on Monday to "test" your body. Enjoy!

Okay Monday is my resurrection run too. So best wishes to you on yours. We will have a happy Monday.


Make sure it is a very gentle... slow and steady run! You have had more than your fair share of injury and pushing too hard is not an option ... good luck!

doubletapGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Juzt gonns be a series of 5 minute blocks .

OldflossAdministrator in reply to doubletap

Go you... well done.. stay safe :)


Gosh, you have been in the wars!! Just go carefully and gently - fingers crossed!!

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