Week 9 R 3 cream crackered update

Week 9 R 3 cream crackered update

Old floss i know what we said about waiting and consolidating my 3ks but i had the devil on one shoulder and a angel on the other . i had to do it to see if i could . well there it is folks 9 weeks of the NHS app couch to 5k finished and ive graduated , Tonight was the last of the 30 min runs , in which i had managed to cover 3.5 k . the 5k in 30 was never gonna happen and i was informed on forum that not many people do complete a 5k in 30 min but i was happy with what i have achieved in just 9 weeks . The only running i had done in last 30 yrs was running a bath and running up bills lol . At the end of the 30 mins i had done the 3.5k and got the crazy idea to see just how far i could get before my wheels fell off . then something sort of funny happened my head was asking my body , could it give me another 5 minutes and my body said if your head can do it ,so can i and every 5 min it asked the same question everytime and got the same reply . i ran until my fitness app said 5k , ''ILL SAY IT AGAIN 5K ''. Actually covered 5.2 k in 48 mins i know it aint fast , but just to jog 48 minutes , 9 weeks ago if you said i would do that , i would have wet myself laughing and and said ''you taking the pee''. But there you go its done .was esp pleased to see i kept my bpm at a constant rate albeit a bit high still , but im so happy to succeed where i thought i wouldnt . legs like jelly , tears in my eyes [im actually crying really if you want the truth] . 3 targets achieved in 9 weeks ,the mile in 14 minutes 20 secs 3k in 30 minutes and the magic 5k in 48 minutes . not bad for a fat bastard , run fatboy run..NOW OLD FLOSS I PROMISE TO STICK TO BUILDING UP MY 3KS . NOW IVE DONE A 5K THATS THAT ITCH SCRATCHED AND NOW I CAN CONCENTRATE AGAIN


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  • Yeay!!!!! Yeay!!!!!!

    Well.... you did it... you ran for thirty minutes and you did have enough left in the tank to carry on... !

    You did really, really well and you have taken the running seriously and listened to folk's advice...:)

    I am an old woman, ( ....of course, I really am an old woman:)) where speed is concerned...:) ( says she, who managed a 20 minute 3K yesterday... and no tail wind ) but it is for me about building up safely.

    I run further than I should, I am following a new revisited plan to improve my 10K speed and style, and I know, on at least two days, I have gone over the limit...run wise, or strength training wise..so I am as guilty as others at breaking the rules! :)

    You are one of my special favourite runners... I love your honesty, determination and your passion and I am really delighted you have done what you set out to do...and don't you dare say, "..not bad.... etc" ! You are a Graduate and a runner!!! That 5K is done.... BRILLIANT!!!

    Go, get that badge!!!! xxxx


    And you will consolidate those 30 minute runs :) But, now there is so much more to do.... the journey goes on and it is so exciting!!!!! x

  • Fantastic achievement! Well done :) (now do what Floss says :D ) Happy running!

  • Woo hoo! Yay! You did it. Well done πŸ™‚ Feels fantastic doesn't it πŸ˜ƒ I don't see a badge though!

    So, now to build that running bod. Stepping stones podcasts are ace!

  • How do i get badge thoygh

  • click on the link at the side.πŸ˜‰

  • Sorry floss im out using my phone . Do i need to use my laptop

  • Most probably .... it will wait..... we know you are a GRADUATE!!!!! x

  • sorted

  • The badge looks fantastic on you!!

  • So pleased for you! Massive congrats πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰

  • Oh what a fabulous write up! I can well believe you had a few tears. What an emotional way to graduate😊

    Now you just have to remember to 'Floss' before each run (and that means to take all her advice)!

    Meanwhile, get your gladrags on for your graduation 'do'😊


    Party on...


  • Congratulations. I understand that you had to hit 5k - you gotta do what you gotta do. Now back to following OF's advice and celebrating your accomplishments.

  • Love the bit about your head and body talking...

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