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Hello you lovely people ,well thats w7r1 and r2 out of the way so can have a nice couple of days rest before hitting the last one . im in bloody good mood tonight , like Aneka Rice on speed lol . and a lot of it is down to c25k . Just before xmas 2016 i started walking at the request of my dietician , who wanted me to walk a mile every day [ i should say im a diabetic , but i was a bad one] and a bit out of control . so instead of a mile a night i did 2 because i could walk 1 in 16 mins and 30 min seemed like more of a workout . gradually i upped the pace and mileage but weight loss was ever so slow . in february im introduced to c25k , what a result for me that was . in february i had my 1st weigh in at clinic and came in a stonking 117kg [18.5st] and i start the c25k plan . some of you have read my updates as i have gone through the weeks, including my week 3 meltdown . well today was my 1st weigh in since february and i came in at a sleeker 109kg [17st1lb] thats a stone in 6 weeks gone . now i know that the combination off jogging and doing walks on my rest days etc has seen me to this point , so im rightly chuffed proud and a little emotional with it all today . i know on the jogging side ive had to do the hard work , to get me through to this stage and hit a couple of targets that were important to me [ 1 mile and 3k]. i know for a fact , that if it hadnt been for some really cool people and their advice i would have jacked it in on week 3 . So i think some of you and you know who you are , should share in my glory , cos without you i would not have got this far. I THANK YOU ALL


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Ooooh, doing a little dance of joy here for you 😊 Big up to you! Well done

Once running, walking, being generally more active, eating and drinking sensibly becomes the norm, you get into the habit of it and it becomes second nature, you will get used to feeling better and hopefully want to continue. C25k is a life changing programme and hopefully you'll stick with and go on to more running adventures ☺


As i said in earlier posts my target was for the 3k but im sticking with the program . my plan now is to get to the 5k , graduate lol and spend a fair bit of time, say a mth or two improving on the times i set little by little , then take a look at bridge to 10k. You are right about running ,even in these early stages if i go out anywhere i want to get shorts and trainers on and jog some of the way. i feel bad i cant run on a rest day or i change planned day for a run . knackering as it is , i love the buzz


got to ask as ive seen a few people with numbers next to their name , what is the meaning of 13.1


It's truly amazing to reflect back on life prior to C25k and thinking how far we've all come. I know you'll hit all your goals. And emotional is to be expected, I shed more than one tear throughout the program, be proud of yourself and your efforts.


Well done.... very well done. :)

You have and are doing amazingly....especially now that you are being so much kinder to yourself and your body! :)

You most definitely are hooked, when you want to run on rest days... but you know that there is so much other exercise you can do on those days:)

As misswobble says...once things just become a habit or the norm... you can really move forward and you won't be able to stop:)

Times, speed and distance can follow... just carry on enjoying the journey to becoming the person you know you really are :)


Well done you. I'm looking forward to being in Week 7 one day...... As for melt-downs I'm a star ... this is my fourth attempt to get through the programme, got to week 6 once, before that particular melt-down! I'm now busy attacking my phobia of running outdoors rather than on the dreadmill: outdoors > running > David stop! Good luck with W7R3


Yeahhhhhhh, you are doing so well! Bet your dietitian was delighted and majorly surprised! Go you πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Ž

So great that you are enjoying it so much. Your next targetbis actually graduation...... that requires 3 x 30 minute runs not 5k. You are so close now! Be very proud of yourself!

Emotion....... eeeehh i have a few tears everytime I achieve my next target. My 10k race a few weeks ago...... both myself and hubby sobbing on the finish line because Id done what I had set out to do ( very slowly mind you). Its great isn't it πŸ˜†πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŽˆπŸ‘πŸΌ


13.1 indicates a half marathoner ☺ eg 13.1 miles

We have loads here who have run half and full marathons courtesy of c25k.

Getting faster takes time as you gave to be strong in all departments to get faster. Something to work at ☺ Always take your rest day, do something else eg swim, walk, cycle, dance etc


Wow! What a wonderful post. Well done βœ… It's great to hear news like this. It gives everyone a boost. So, keep up the good work. Graduation is close! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


What an inspiring post, congratulations!


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