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Cheese, Apple, Speed and Stupidity - Run 3 Week 1

Yesterday was a rest day and in my stupidity, I thought I'd have some Pecorino unfortunately where I live in Italy, Pecorino is not only cheese but a local wine too. A very healthy lunch of fish was followed by a not very healthy glass or few of Pecorino.

After the stupid lunch I decided to tackle the Apple problem, which is my phone keeps playing the same 3 downloads over and over, now I love Meghan Trainor & Charlie Puth, Mark Ronson and Justin Timberlake, but even interspersed with the gorgeous calm voice of Michael J, it gets a little boring. I created my first ever playlist - titled it 'my running 40 minutes' as an encouragement and guess what, when I hit the tarmac I got Justin, followed by T&P, followed by Mark Ronson.

Stupid, stupid, stupid - and to add insult to injury, I overdid the running speed each time Mark Ronson came on, so my brisk walk as much more of brisk panting.

My biggest lesson in Week 1, don't bite off more than I can chew - whether its cheese masquerading as wine, don't think you're an apple genius and don't run too fast. But more importantly don't give up, so a big hand to Rebecca7913 who is a great inspiration as a newbie and her efforts got me up and out today.

Roll on week 2

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The podcasts avoid all this playlist malarkey!

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oh so I should check those out, but still am embarrassed I cant make a playlist....


I can't either... but I am still running 5 years after I started (rarely listen to music now, if I listen to anything it is usually a spoken word podcast). I bet there are some fabulous but unused running playlists on people's tech...


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