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week 1 run 3

A beautiful sunny morning and out running early (well, maybe shuffling is a better word!). I kept going for all of the running intervals and did actually manage a pretty brisk walk in-between in comparison with my first run when it was more of a shambling stagger! Not sure I'm ready to up it to 90secs of running next week though, and am considering repeating week 1. Or should I attempt w2r1 and if I find it too difficult drop back to week 1? Hmmmm... not sure!

On the etiquette note - 2 'proper' runners went by in the opposite direction and both of them not only smiled and nodded but also wished me ''morgen' (Dutch for good morning), so politeness isn't dead over here!

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Try week 2, you will find that you are ready for it. I was always wary of upping the running times in the first few weeks and found it challenging. I just did week 7 run 2 this morning, 25 mins running :). Still can't believe I'm doing this after finding the 60 second runs hard in the first week. The program does really build you up to it.


I agree with Canary1902 - give week2 a try. Most weeks I was really wary of stepping things up, but somehow, I managed to get through. Trust the program you can do it!

The sense of achievement will grow each week and while it seems impossible to even contemplate just now, you really will be running for 30 mins in just another 8 weeks.


Morning Jillie :) Well done on completing week 1 :) Hopefully this will be me tomorrow!!!

Glad it's going OK for you - I must admit I was wondering the same about moving up to week 2 but I've decided I'm going to go for it and try my best :)

Let us know how you get on. Take care xxx.


How did the run go, Windywoo?


I agree with everyone so far - all the way through this I have been nervous about stepping up to the next week .... this is just as much a mental training program as it is a physical one.

But if you have done the WkR3 - then you are already ready to do W2R1.... Laura & everyone on here will tell you to trust in the program & believe in yourself

oh and a little tip which helps me not to wimp out is to delete the podcast when I have finished the week - that way the only podcasts left on the phone are future one...

Happy Running


Thank you very much for the advice, it's good to know that I'm not the only one who has doubts! Shall duly try for w2r1 on Saturday.


Only in week 3 myself and exactly the same dilemma. Trust me it's only a mental thing not a physical thing. Well done for completing week 1.


Well done on wk1r3! The others are right. I remember from before it was as much a mental challenge. Think how hard 1 minute was and you managed that. :-).

I'm due to do wk1r3 tonight. I've left two days between each run. I've been exceptionally tired this week, but determined to keep going. I'll follow your inspiring lead.

Smiling at other runners is something I can do now. First time I used to suddenly notice something over a hedge, need to check my iPod, tie a shoelace. Anything really I was so embarrassed. This time I know that even though I'm red & puffing, I AM doing something. Being brave, making a start. Well done jillie for already being that positive!


Hi Arablue, did you manage to complete week 1? I'm still running really early in the morning in the hope of not seeing anyone else (or more to the point them not seeing ME)... I really hope that as I get a bit better I won't mind so much!


Hi jillie. Yes, I did run 3 on Friday. It was tough, but certainly easier than runs 1 & 2. Last time I did this I didn't feel ready to move in to week 2, and I did week 1 twice. This time I'm going for it.

Hope your first run of week 2 went well!


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