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Week 4 struggles

Hey all,

I’ve been using this forum from afar for inspiration and support but first post :)

So I started off on the first week 4 run with the best of intentions, the first 3 min run was fine, however really struggled on the 5 min one. I struggled so much that after 2 mins I could only walk.

I was pacing myself so speed definitely wasn’t the issue.

I don’t know if the 5 min timer freaked me out or I was genuinely struggling physically.

Has anyone experienced this? I will repeat the run but just wanted some advice.

Thanks all

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Glad you've come out of the shadows 😉

I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly but I would say, how were you set up for the run? Properly hydrated and rested?

If so perhaps just not a great run. As it says on the NHS homepage "You will have good runs and bad runs – accept it, and don't spend too much time analysing the how and why. Even a bad run is good for you."

Let it go and start the next one fresh and positive. You've come this far, you can do this 👍😁


Hi the usual holy trinity of running is always worth checking on

Were you sufficiently rested and feeling okay?

Were you sufficiently hydrated?

Were you sufficiently nourished?

And of course you may have been a victim of the toxic ten, which is the first ten minutes of running when you are running anaerobically. Check out the FAQ posts on that, but it seems unlikely if you were pace monitoring.

If all of those are okay in your mind, then I’d just write it off as a rubbish one - we all get them from time to time. No rhyme nor reason, it just happens.


Hi Getrunning and welcome.

Sometimes everyone has a run that just doesn't go right. There may be a reason or it may just be those pesky f=gremlins messing with your head and convincing you that you can't go any further. If you put right anything you can (like tiredness, lack of hydration, pace, hunger) then just go out with the determination to bash those gremlins out of the way hopefully your next run will be more successful. If you search for gremlins in this forum you will find that lots of us have had problems with them regardless of where we are in the programme.

Good luck for the next run. :-)


Thank you all, this is such a fantastic forum 😊

was defo a little tired after work and not feeling my best after the weekend.

As you say GoGo_JoJo even a bad run is a good un 😉

Will look forward rather than backwards.

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As you become more experienced you will begin to realise what in your life impacts on your running...........then you will start to fit your life around your running. Eating, drinking and resting to maximise the enjoyment of your runs..........you know you are worth it!

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