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Planned to run this morning but spoke up to heavy pounding rain. I'm not geared up for running in the rain... no waterproof jacket, no baseball cap not even a long sleeve top (I've lost alot of weight in the last few months and nothing even fits apart from the leggings and vest they I wear to the gym)

I feel gutted I'm not going out and kind of a cop out but I'm really not prepared for running in the rain. I am going to get on sports direct and order some essentials. Any tips on what to get too make the rain less of a hindrance?

I also have some new trainers - under armour ones - I'm worried I'll ruin then too

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Running in the rain is fab at this time of year. You only need waterproofs in the winter if you are out for a long time and it's cold. Try it, you might find you love it.... splash in the puddles and dance a bit 😎

Thanks :-) I'm going to get something long sleeve and a baseball cap at least just to keep me somewhat dry and so I can still see :-)

Dancing sounds good lol

SC1472Graduate in reply to togetherforever

Just go for short sleeves as the long sleeves will get wet and heavy - I would also recommend shorts as it's easier to run with wet legs rather than wet leggings.

Ohhh... less is more in this case then?

SC1472Graduate in reply to togetherforever

I find it easier - I got these shorts amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00...

They keep my knees free, top wise I have various technical wear t-shirts I've been given when I have marshalled at triathlons over the past few years which dry out quickly.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to togetherforever

less is always more


Hopefully postponed rather than cancelled! 😁

As others have said, running in the rain during the summer is ok - the hardest part is stepping out of the front door.

Thanks. I feel bad now for not going out but I will get my baseball cap and get more mentally prepared for it and go out tomorrow instead!


I prefer running in the rain to the sun. Just accept you will get wet and plan a hot shower on return. I have a wind proof (not waterproof ) jacket if it's cold but this time of year as others have said just go in normal running clothes! I wear cropped leggings as I find shorts make my thighs rub together too much and either or long sleeved top.


It's generally the thought of it rather than the act of it that is the worst. Once you're out there and in it it's usually ok. I won't use a rain jacket even in the winter as I overheat so much it's like a boil in the bag sensation. Having said that, I live in Wales so the winters aren't as cold as some places.


Running in the rain is fab, ok, it's not so pleasant getting out the door if it's pelting it down, but once you're wet, you're wet. I'd agree with all the comments so far, stick to shorts/cropped leggings and short sleeve or vest top for the summer - you're still going to get hot.

I will take a light jacket sometimes, if it's a bit windy, but usually end up taking it off and tying it round my waist 😄

In addition I'd recommend a peaked cap/baseball cap, keeps the rain out of your face and eyes, especially if you wear specs like me, I've got a visor type one too, helps with very sunny days.

Give it a go, oh and running shoes are built to get wet, muddy, dusty etc., go for the puddles! Running medals they are! (never,never be tempted to put your running shoes in the washing machine - you'll kill them - follow shoe makers instructions)

Have fun!


Really good advise thanks. I am just a bit protective over my trainers lol I only have 1 paid at the moment and I'm in the gym tonight so I would be working out with them wet. But I will get some training ones just for the gym and then I don't have that dilemma. :-)

Madge50Graduate in reply to togetherforever

Oh yes, I should have said, some gyms don't like you trampsing on their equipment in your dog eared, dusty, dirty trainers, so can understand avoiding getting them too mucky, when you're able too, perhaps a cheaper back up pair for the gym.....

Remember to enjoy it all, however you prefer



I got my lightweight run jacket and cap from Aldi very cheaply. I have a Karrimor one too but my go-to one is the Aldi one. It is so light. I tie it round my middle if I,get warm but pop it on when I have done running

The cap keeps,the worst off the rain off,your face and eyes. Sun too I suppose

Shoe wise, they are gonna get wet. Sorry but is a fact I run in my oldest, manky ones if the weather is Mucky

Dri fit run clothing dries off quickly so,you don't get cold.

SD! Tesco, Asda, primary, sainsbury Lidl and Asda all,sell running gear 😃


Essentials include a baseball cap, especially if you wear glasses. A lightweight running jacket would be useful but I would run in the rain at this time of year without one. I wouldn't worry about getting your shoes wet as long as you dry them out well afterwards. Wipe them down then stuff with newspaper to absorb the moisture.

Just make sure you have enough grip on the shoes for whatever surface you are running on, you don't want to slip and risk falling.

Good luck and enjoy your running :)


I love a rainy run - stops me overheating. And as someone wise once told me, 'skin is waterproof'!😉


i find i can run faster in rain and obviously when its a bit cooler. just play dodge the drops XD XD i cant wait to get out there this morning


Embrace the rain! What's the worst that can happen? You get wet! But you'll have a great sense of achievement and running gear dries nearly as quickly as you do.

A baseball cap is a good idea though if only to help you see! 😂😂

Your shoes will be fine. they will get wet. They will dry off.


Personally I run in less. Waterproofs make you feel sweaty. I think wet skin is better than wet clothes. It is also cooling, so less beetroot.

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