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W3R2 - cautious optimism


I was looking forward to getting out there again today, until the rain and icy wind arrived just before I finished work. Tempting as it was to stay indoors, we decided to head out and face the elements. Running on the seafront is an experience in this weather, however the rain eased once we started, like we were being rewarded for not giving in.

Found it ok tonight, kept it slow and steady. Got joined by a bunch of scallies at one point but just ignored them and carried on. Didn't feel exhausted afterwards - progress! Looking forward to W3R3 on Friday.

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Well done , the easy option would be to not go out in those sort of conditions , amazing what we will do when we get determined :)


Go you... out there braving the elements... sea front running.. wonderful.. so envy you!

You are heading onwards and upwards.... brilliant!


Well done and good luck on Friday, I am on exactly the same on the same day, let me know how it goes? 😊


Ooh very brave, that icy wind is always stronger by the sea. Well done heading out there in those conditions

Bet you felt great afterwards! I wasn't tempted by the sleet last night but knew I'd feel good afterwards and got out there anyway. Roll on the clement weather!

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