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B210K W3R2

Hello everyone,

I'm not going to go into today's run other than to say I'm a happy bunny. I took a challenging (hilly) route and still managed to reach my goal of 8 k (8.15k) which was much better than the first run of this week where I only managed 7.7.

I thought rather than a blow by blow account I'd get down some of the silly queries and thoughts that go around my running brain.

1. First a serious question about where we should run. I've been slowly making my way around all the green areas in my local vicinity on my runs, even if I have to stick to paths or roads I like to look over greenery rather than rows of cars. This evening my travels took me to an area which, when i arrived turned out to be a cemetery, it did have low walls but was quite open and not foreboding. However, I was shocked that it hadn't been marked on the map and changed route. For future reference and out of curiosity would you all consider running around or through a cemetery bad practice or disrespectful? My initial reaction was to swerve off course but wonder later....

2. Number two. And this is silly. I run in an area where I see a reasonable number of runners out and about. I have noticed that some runners, on rounding a corner or coming into my eye line will start up running having been walking and some even stop running once they have just passed me. Well they're not fooling anyone! And I find it a little bemusing! I think having always been a runner with a plan, and one who sees no shame in walking for planned intervals, I find runners who find my presence cause to restart their run quite silly. Has anyone else noticed this!? I'm really not sure why I've developed such a 'pet hate'.

3. Finally, today, there was a tired runner who swallowed a fly. And before you ask I do know why I swallowed a fly or I strongly suspect it had to do with me running around with my mouth open. Has anyone else had this unpleasant experience? This is the second time for me, and while i'd like to remain lady like both incidences have lead to me hacking and spitting in the street like an angry camel. My mother would be so proud.

Anyway there are the random assortment of things which occupied me during tonight's run.

Happy Running Team, Emily :)

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Morning, Emily. :-)

Sounds like a great run you had; must be great minds thinking alike as I opted out of a blow-by-blow account of mine too, despite it being a brilliant run.

Personally, I have no problem running around graveyards. People walk their dogs through them, so why not run? There's a disused one near me but there have been a number of incidents there in the past so I avoid it, but that said, I'm not really a park or green space sorta person anyway; I'm a city chap so am happy enough running through city/town centres but the odd park/graveyard makes a nice change.

With regards other running friends speeding up from a walk upon the sight of me, I can't say I've noticed, but at the time I run I don't see many anyway. I saw one this morning and he was already running but I was in my cool-down walk phase. We said our cheery good mornings as we passed. I did think that after the running I'd just done, I see this fellow ***now*** when I'm walking, but I'd never speed up. I'm not bothered what others think and anyway, most other runners will know why we're walking but in any event I'm sure they're not bothered. I'm certainly not; it's not for me to judge what they're upto! I only speed up during a walk when I need to cross the carriageway and there's something approaching at speed.

No fly-swallowing yet!

Good luck with your next run and happy resting until then! :-)


Hi Miles :)

I've just read your post about today on another thread. I like the idea of your own training program, like I said I strongly suspect that it's a lack imagination and time to make myself a great playlist etc that might be keeping me from doing something other than B210K. Also, I hope you're not going to stop updating us on your progress- I for one was amazed but never intimidated or put off by the distances you cover. Only being 5 ft 2 I've accepted the best way to check my progress is against 'past me' rather than anyone else. I am quite envious however of your fly avoidance skills, I could do with some of those :)

Happy running, Emily


Hey Emily. :-)

The self-made plan was so obvious really I overlooked it: it's an amalgamation of C25K and B210K but I found today it was more psychological than anything! The playlist: I just chuck a load of songs in my MP3 player's folder and add/delete as necessary! I know what you mean though; it is easier following a set plan with a playlist. Do please let me know any interesting tracks on B210K that I might enjoy! :D

No, the updates shall continue as of Friday. Glad to hear it's not disheartening folk. And that's the thing, everyone's different and there are so very many variables it's impossible to compare not only one person to another, but one run to another for the same person!

Good luck for run three. Hope you have a blast!


I'd have no problem running in a graveyard. I rarely see other runners. No fly swallowing .... Yet


Hi Spoonie, I am going to make a concerted effort to stop running with my mouth open, catching flies is a very unpleasant experience for me, and I'm sure for the fly!


Well done on the run - you're a week ahead of me and it's a big step up! I wouldn't have a problem running in a graveyard (on the paths)... I see quite a few runners out and about and rarely pay much attention to what they're up to... They might be beginners, olympic athletes or just people who think they need to overtake me... Unless it's a race then I ignore them, smile, nod and get back to my groove... :)

Good luck with B210K!


Ha thanks aussiegtc, I always try to give other runners a friendly nod or smile which often comes out as a pained grimace. I think I need to just be cool with the fact some people might be motivated by overtaking other people or 'keeping up appearances' while I am entire unconcerned if people see me running, walking or crawling around the park (and I might be the end of B210K!). Happy running :)


Great post :-)

I too have had the fly experience and also gobbed in the street and made a fair bit of noise, luckily it was deserted. What is so disgusting is that the farm fields are full of slurry, and I just knew that's where those flies had been marching just moments before!

I nearly ate a wasp too once though (not running - stuffing my face full of sticky bun!), and got stung in my mouth and I would say that the fly option is preferable!

I think it's okay to run through a graveyard, so long as you don't whoop as you go through!

Happy running!


Thanks I_will. I am going to start running closed-mouthed, because the fly was appalling. A wasp however sounds much worse! A few weeks back I was very narrowly missed by a bat! It flew so close I could feel it- a very odd sensation.

I'll try to keep my whooping to a minimum then! Although I can't promise I won't be whooping repeatedly when I hit 10k :)


I wouldn't mind running in a graveyard, they usually have footpaths and people traverse them often. I also think it's nice for the dead to have a bit of activity going on around them....seriously.

When I started this programme and found out how hard it was initially, I swore I would not ever, ever judge another runner !!!..for any reason !!!

Flies...I absolutely get that. It's not so bad when they land on your lips and a little spit will do, but the ones that go to the back of the throat provoking hawking and retching are horrible. Like you said, my mother would be horrified.


Good point - I have nothing but respect for ANY runner... it's hard work and takes commitment no matter your ability, speed or how long you've been running... Go us!


Very unseemly isn't it! I think you're right about other runners, I shouldn't mind if they feel motivated to start up again on seeing little old me plodding along, I just sometimes think 'Oh you cheat!'- I need to get my head out of the playground!


Great post and cheerful read. I've no problem at all with graveyard running and whilst there are none close to my home here, when on holiday earlier this year I did daily running through an enormous acreage of old cemetery. It was stunning: beautifully maintained pathways, hills and dips a-plenty, heaps of trees and flowery bushes ... and quiet apart from birdsong! (It was in Wellington, NZ!)

As for the stopping/starting other runners - maybe they're on the early stages of C25K and doing the intervals, or even experienced runners choosing the Fartlek training method - that would certainly tie in with changed pace at corners, trees etc. Just ignore them, or greet them/wave cheerily - see which works best in your area.

Oooo, and flies, yuk! Try to avoid hedges with pittosporum; used lots in decorative hedging schemes - they provide home for thousands of black flies which tend to choose your passing time as their escape/exercise time! Totally gross! It just has to be a snort/gag/unladylike spit time. Don't tell mum! X


Oh lovely! I love hearing about the places that other people get to run and imagining the different surroundings, I don't do so badly myself with a big lake and lots of green areas in Cardiff but the grass si always greener as they say!

You're right that some of the changes in pace with other runners are definitely as part of a programme, but I remain convinced that some (especially men in my age group) find it objectionable to walk if I'm running. But hey, they still get my breathless attempt at a smile, they say it takes more energy to frown!

Happy Running, Emily :)


Hi KittyKat, I seem to have opened a right can of worms in terms of the 'runners code' here! Thanks for leaving your opinion. I agree that there are many different types of graveyard and many are overgrown and park like while others are more obviously a formal place of resting. I suppose people will do what they feel comfortable with which is why I asked the question really. I suppose on some level I was uncomfortable or I never would have thought twice. I think in future I might do was I did and run around the perimeter roads rather than inside the grounds. As you say it would be awful to offend for the sake of a place to run for 5 minutes but if some of these areas are obviously being used for public recreation then I wouldn't blame people for using them to get off the road.

Thanks for the reply and happy running :)


Hi again Emily, and KittyKat007, please be assured that I for one would never run where my activity could be regarded as disrespectful. The beautiful cemetery I described above was many, many acres of once native bush next to where I lived for many years. It is both multi-faith and secular, divided into many different areas. It was 'filled' many years ago, so no active burials or services there any more. I used to wander around it with a good friend - to visit his Jewish family and to leave stones. On my visit this year I returned to my former home to stay - the cemetery was at the foot of my garden with just a few trees between my garden and gravestones. Whilst living there I was pro-active in the maintenance of memorials and plots which had been ignored for decades - part of a heritage conservation group. I maintained respect for the incumbents and for other visitors. My gentle, silent jogging was either early morning or at dusk. If I ever saw other folk visiting an area, the space was large enough to change direction to leave other visitors in peace for their contemplations. I would not, for the world, want to offend you or others.

Happy running both, Linda x


Hi Linda, That sounds quite beautiful. Absolutely no offence was taken or intended on my part in any of this thread either, I've just been really interested to hear people's thoughts x


Great post Kitty and a point well made. I guess circumstance and context would dictate whether it was acceptable or not (hence my "only on the paths" caveat)... I'm not sure I'm saying I'd plan a route that way of course! Always err on the side of caution is perhaps very wise counsel...


wow Emily! 8k - I have only just got comfortable with 5k!

Yep I swallowed a fly last week.....again. And yes, I also spat, and spat and hacked, and spat until the fly had long gone and I had no spit left.....again lol lol

As for runners running when they see you - I used to hate it if running again coincided with someone coming round a corner, as I reckoned they would think I had just started running because they were there - clearly they did lol

Well done on the 8k again - inspiration for this very ungazelle-like 5k runner!!


Aww thank you! I can assure you that getting from 5 to 8 has been infinitely easier than from 0-5, if you're adding a little running time here and there you'll be surprised how it creeps up!

I know what you mean about being self conscious starting and stopping I always was a little, but I'm convinced that some people on my run try to sneakily restart and run on sight of me which I, admittedly very childishly, think is 'cheating'!!

Thanks again and happy running :)


Ha thank you! I think I needed that perspective. As it's often men I have interpreted it as silly macho-ism that they can't walk if I'm running, but it's far nicer to think I'm spurring someone on :)


Re graveyards, depends a bit on if they are still in use or not (i.e. have new burials going into them). I run through our local churchyard without any qualms, though, even though ashes are still interred there sometimes. A few weeks ago it was used for the annual hog roast and the kids were playing rounders amongst the gravestones, and there were people present whose relatives were under the turf. Nobody minded.

Fly swallowing... euw.


I see what you mean, I think the answer to this question is probably if your a considerate person generally and you feel comfortable then you can't be doing too much wrong. And if it pricks your conscience don't do it, funny the dilemmas a new runner finds themselves in!


Haha, do not have guilt over hacking up your fly... I had what I thought was a big fly in my throat in France, and it was a bloody wasp! Had that stung me in my throat, my (now ex) husband would not have been able to perform a roadside tracheotomy, so you spit and cough away, girl!!! I usually swallow midges, but I'm not so worried about them :)

As for the runners, they could (possibly) have just got to the bit when Laura tells them to run (that happened to me a few times) or, they felt so intimidated by your Graduation aura that you shamed them into running!

So glad you had a great run, have a great week, Emily :)


Unseemly as it is I agree, safety first. And there was no way I was running for 40 minutes with a fly in my throat- eurgh!

I do think I might be shaming people into running, which I find so strange but I suppose it's not a bad thing- just call me Mrs Motivator :)

It seems we've both hauled ourselves out of a post-weekend-run hole, go us! :)


Don't think I could or would ever run in a cemetery Emily. Each to their own but personally, it seems far too disrespectful and I'd hate to intrude on someone's grief. But, as I say, each to their own.

As for the choice between fly in throat or spitting in the street, spitting wins every time!


Hi Ancient Mum, as I've seen from this thread it is highly personal- how interesting. As you say each to there own is the way of the world. However, there is strong consensus around my choice to loudly hack up my nearly swallowed fly- I hope I won't be doing that again anytime soon :)


Well done on your run and definitely Yuk to flies.

I don't think I would run in a cemetery, but here most of them are by the beach so all sorts of kids playing, surfers, dog walkers etc happen just next to them.

I guess in cities they are more used as green spaces.


Hello Windswept1,

I've had lots of answers about cemetery running and not one the same! Obviously it's personal. I'm very jealous that you have the option to run by the sea- in fact I've tempted to drive to the sea next time I have time for a weekend run.

Thanks and happy running :) Emily


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