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So i've one run left before i finish week 3. My run today wasn't too bad, the weather was overcast and I was afraid it would rain but luckily it didn't so i haven't had to brave getting soggy while jogging yet, thank goodness. Also i'm pretty much used to my Karrimor running shoes now, which is another plus.

It's funny because during both my week 3 runs I started feeling anxious just before starting the last 3 minute jog, I was so sure that I wouldn't be able to do it, but then before i knew it Laura was saying that I only had a minute left to go and I was so surprised how quickly the time went by. That isn't to say that those last 60 secs were easy though, because they sure weren't- it's almost as if it's even harder because i know that i'm almost at the end and i just want to time to hurry up so that I can start walking again lol.

But all in all an okay run- (Ksea you were right, week 3 isn't too scary :))

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You're making excellent progress. Glad to hear the shoes are better now, too. And I suspect that when the day arrives where you have to run soggy, you're actually going to enjoy it. :-)

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Thanks Gary :) i hope you're right about enjoying running in the rain since living in England means i can't avoid the rain forever lol.


Well done! 😊 it's just 1 foot in front of the other, rain or shine. I bet you enjoy your first run in the rain. Xx


thanks jamsammich :D


I did exactly the same, next week looks nice and hard as well Gulp!


oh yes definitely nice and hard lol


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