W8 - defeated by my hip

Sadly it looks like I'm on the IC for a bit. I took an extra day but that was clearly not enough, I couldn't complete even 20 minutes of W8 R3. It's not the stamina or legs, it's my right hip. The pain was so intense at half way that it was starting to shoot down the inside of my thigh. I realised I was only going to create a more serious injury by trying to battle on so stopped and I'm slightly ashamed to say that I cried all the way home.

As it happens, I'm surrounded by doctors, I've worked in a big central London hospital for over a decade (you can't swing a cat round here without hitting a doctor) and I tracked down the head of the pain team, also a runner, this morning. His instinct is iliotibial band because it was shooting down the leg - i did question this because I thought that was just knees but I guess the band runs all the way up to the hips and he told me he runs with a kidney surgeon who suffers with ITBS in his hip.

Regardless, it's soft tissue related whatever it is and I've been told no running for a minimum of two weeks, ideally more, with plenty of stretches, swimming etc. But I will overcome! This C25K has really helped me, I've joined a gym, I'm swimming and I'm still recovering from yesterday's power yoga!!

Plus the surgeon I work for has been so impressed with the programme he's recommended it to a few of his patients (where appropriate).

So good has and is coming out of it. I'll keep an eye on everyone here and hope you'll welcome me back when I return!!


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  • Take the rest you need then you can come back fighting, just don't comeback to early. πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  • Ohhh, sorry to hear that. Bad news.

    There is a ITB stretch, here:


  • Thanks so much, that's really kind and helpful πŸ˜€

  • So many positives! Another one: it's not the best weather for running, but perfect for swimming -- especially if you've got an outdoor pool nearby -- so your timing isn't too bad. Hope it cools down a bit by the time you're off the IC. (It's also great to hear that so many doctors are runners and recommending C25K to patients. You're obviously a good advert for the programme!)

  • Thanks and you're quite right about the weather - it was silly hot this morning even before 6am!

  • I was unable to get in the swimming pond and the lido yesterday :(

  • Get well soon. Best wishes for a fast recovery.

  • Thanks :)

  • Poor you! Definitely not defeated - temporarily sidetracked that's all. I took 6 weeks off for my knee to recover (longer than needed as we had a ski holiday coming up that I wanted to be fit for!) and during that time I did the strength and flex program, partly because it required the same discipline of 3 X 40 minutes a week but also for the obvious benefits of the exercises. I also read lots of posts on here and learnt all sorts! During the time off I was itching to get back to running; frustrating for sure but I think it made me all the more determined to make a success of it.

    *You will be back*.

    Read the many posts on starting up again after a break and be sure to do your permitted exercises. Missing this silly weather is a definite bonus. Do take care, wait until it's properly healed before you run again, and everyone will be waiting to welcome you back :)

  • Thank you, that's a lovely reply. The strength and flex program is a good idea, partly as you say because it's the same discipline. I'll get on to that too.

    It's good to know others have had to take a break and returned recovered.

    I'll get there!! I will!!

    Thanks again 😊

  • I know you have spoken to a medic on this but personally unless he is an osteo specialist i would see a physio to get a definitive diagnosis and most probably a list of appropriete exercises. iTB problems can be related to achilies, knees, glutes, quads etc etc .

  • I know you're right of course. Thanks :)

    I am on the case. I need to sort this out properly

  • LauraLiz I am gutted for you. I blame W8 as that's was the week that I ended up spending two weeks on the IC.

    An injury is unlucky, but these things happen. I doubt you will loose too much fitness in a couple of weeks. I didn't. I wasn't as quick when I ran again, but I could still do it. Especially if you swim.

    The good news is it was not you, and by that I mean there was no mental blocks or physical exhaustion preventing you running. You have an injury and you are gutted. But, a few days rest and you will be right back running your way to graduation. And there we will be, cheering you on!!

  • Thanks - In many ways I am happy that it's not me, it's my hip. I could have gone on and on I think without it! I think it's going to take a little while but I'll be back on it soon. I've loved this journey and I'm not giving up without a fight! Bit like you I think :)

  • picturequotes.com/i-dont-st...


  • Sorry to hear that you are on the IC but at least you have a good supply of advice (I will add take care with breast stroke when swimming, crawl is easier on the hips) and that's great that the word about C25k is getting out.

  • Thanks πŸ˜€ I guess I'm going to have to start practicing my crawl. I've always been lousy at it! Maybe it's time for a lesson or two. πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

  • That's a real shame, you've been making some really good progress, look at it as an opportunity to follow all the good advice above and come back even fitter in a few weeks, you'll be skipping through the rest of the programme :D

    Good luck with the recovery.

  • That's the plan!!! πŸ‘

  • I myself had to stop at W3 a few months ago with the same problem. I got sorted out by a chiropractor and now I'm back going strong on W5! Best of luck.

  • Thanks - great to hear you got it sorted! Gives me hope! Good luck for week 5 πŸ˜€

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