Couch to 5K

Has anyone seen my mojo?

I can't find it anywhere, where've you hidden it?

I was doing so well - eating sensibly, swimming four or five times a week, running three times a week. I even graduated, and although I wasn't at 5k, I was improving my distance with each run.

And then it all fell apart. For the last few weeks I've barely done anything. Other than eat way too much, that is! The runs I have done have been tortuous, and my distance has dropped way back down again. I'm not even enjoying my swimming which is normally a completely safe bet.

I'm so fed up about it and desperately want to get back on track, but boy it's hard. So, if no-one's got my mojo, has anyone got a boot up the backside I can borrow?

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You seem to have been exercising quite a lot so maybe it was too much. Perhaps just concentrate on running for now until you start enjoying it again and dont worry to much about times, or distance just enjoy it for what it is.


Thank goodness I am not alone. I too have totally lost my mojo.

I graduated a few weeks back and then I just couldn't bear to get my trainers on the following week. I then was away for a few days with work so that was another week by the time I caught up with stuff, then another week went past....

Went out today and barely managed 20 mins ;0(

I feel so disheartened.

Can I join your club


Welcome aboard! You sound just like me - trying to spot the thin line between reasons and excuses for not running!

Bizarre as it sounds I'm thinking of actually starting the programme again, but this time my goal will be to actually reach 5k by the end of it, not just a very slow 30 minutes. I figure the discipline of the podcasts, together with pushing my speed a little bit harder might just get me going again.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I've "graduated" at least 4 times since I started the programme in Feb 2012! Various things have got in the way and stopped me running, a mix of injuries and lost mojo. I'm giving it another go and should be doing w5 r1 next week and I'm really looking forward to graduating again in time for the summer holidays. One of my goals will be to reach the magic 5K but at the moment I will settle for being able to fit into my decent jeans again...


I echo the above. Why not give yourself a full week off and then start slowly and no more than one fast run per week. It definitely sounds like you've tired yourself out. Ps I've found you mojo ive sent it back to you second class post. Enjoy the break and start again soon :-)


Thank you, kind Sir, thank you - I'll try to be home when the postman calls! ;-)


Maybe you need something more to aim for or if you run outside a different route.

I always use the Race for Life as my thing to aim for but always lapse after I have done it.So I have signed up for a charity run in December(santa suit included :-) ) in the hope that this will spur me on to keep running.

Don't despair when your mojo arrives in the post open it quickly and get back out there xxx


When you get it back (second class post, Phil?? :D ) pin it to your running top quickly and get back out there! You can do this - remember we're all cheering you on :)


I had a fantastic swim yesterday and was full of great intentions of today being my day to get back on track with the running.

But it had all fallen apart by 9 o'clock this morning. Am just back from the hospital after a bit of a kitchen incident involving a food processor and my thumb. Ouch. All strapped up and very unlikely to be exercising any time soon.

But the good news is that I feel genuinely disappointed, so deep down there must be a little part of me that actually wants to be a runner!


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