W5r3 done but finding long runs boring

Managed my first 25 minute run this evening. Did OK except last 5 minutes were hard going. But found it really boring. The prospect of three weeks with just one long run after another and nothing to break it up makes my heart sink. Watching paint dry would be more appealing. What do others do to make a half hour run less dull?


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  • I use different routes and always have a purpose to my run. It may be a speed session, a hill session, a long run, a 10 k easy etc. It may be harder to occupy yourself if you are on a treadmill but I think people use podcast narratives to occupy. Shivani05 may be along shortly to advise on treadmill running.

    Keep going, you are doing great๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • I am running outside. Can't imagine getting this far on a treadmill. When I have finished this programme I might try the podcast idea so thank you.

  • Run in beautiful places.

    Run in challenging paces.

    Run with an audio book.

    Break up the monotony with exercises: every time you come to a street corner, do 5 pushups, every time you come to a lamppost, do 5 squats, every time you actually turn a corner, do 5 burpees.

    Sing the Internationale in as many languages as you know.

    Take up juggling and practice while you run.

  • Do you mean W6R3? Pretty sure you're at the same stage as me. Funny how we have different experiences. I think about every day things like what to cook for tea and what to pack for my holiday etc (I am pretty boring tho ๐Ÿ˜‚) I much prefer the longer runs as it gives me more time to stop obsessing over pace and breathing. Maybe your next run will feel different.

  • Oh yeah you are right. I am in week 6. If I watched paint dry I would think about all those sort of things. Wonder why I don't when I am running.

  • Haha. The mind is complicated eh?!

  • Oh yeah I do that too Jo! What shall we have for tea? Hmm, and then come up with ideas based on what's in the fridge blah blah. I then write a mental list of stuff I need to get from the shop. Oh and the hours just fly by.

    When I'm not doing that I construct poems. Always funny ones that I forget as soon as I get home. If I am listening to music I write (in my head) the shorthand outlines for the lyrics. When I am on the trail there is always lots to see. Horses, dogs, cyclists, walkers (hundreds of) other runners, lovely birds, swans, fisher folk. I never get bored. I dance about a bit if I'm on the trail and I have my fave tunes playing.

    If I run in town I do some window shopping, while trying not to fall over..Oooh lovely top in Next!

    Well, you did ask!

  • I listen to music I love or podcasts. Eventually it will be a relaxing time. I haven't got to the stage that running is natural so have to think about breathing etc

  • it might be paint dry stuff but if mindless daydreaming gets the miles chewed up who cares.

    Life is not all bells and whistles, sometimes it's just grind. At times like these we have to call on our inner resources.

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