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W5R3 - done!!! :-)))


I'm pleased to say I've finally got D-Day - aka Dread Day - out of the way. Yay!! Having read so many people's posts saying they'd completed it, and thinking I'd never manage it in a zillion years, I'm elated to have now done it myself! Especially after I struggled so much last week. Unfortunately for my boyfriend, who's my running partner, my way through it was to sing all the Spice Girls songs at the top of my voice but hey, it worked for me! On to week 6!! If anyone is reading this post who hasn't made it to this run yet and is as nervous about it as I was (I actually felt a bit sick about it) - persevere and don't worry - I've never run 20 minutes without stopping in my life and if I can, you can!!

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Nice one Grubby, well done.


Well done!! That feeling of achievement is so good it should be bottled! ☺

If you can do it first time and keep singing, you're doing great! ;)

You give me hope! :)

I love this forum for people like you who reassure me that this is all achievable and not just some nuts podcast that wants to kill me!

Grubby1985Graduate in reply to onion_surfer

I think we've all thought that about the podcast at times and I even shed a few tears over one of the runs in W4 because I thought I was just never going to get through this programme. Honestly, all the people on this forum who said it's possible aren't lying, I didn't believe them until last night though ;)


It's a brilliant feeling. Well done :-D

That's brilliant!! Am doing wk4 r1 today so it won't be long before I tackle it, so it's great motivation to hear other doing so well and it's also nice to see we aren't alone in being nervous about it!

I do feel for your boyfriend though haha x that did make me smile :)

saying that I feel sorry for anyone who can hear me, I sing ( very badly, more like I kill ) things like - let the bodies hit the floor by driving pool, or all summer long by kid rock my fave is paradise city by guns n roses...... Hey whatever gets us through it!

Thanks for the great motivational post! Come on wk4 lets see what you've got!!!!

Grubby1985Graduate in reply to juju656

I have Paradise City on my playlist as well! BF also had the delights of a very out of tune 'Don't Stop Believing', I'm surprised he stuck with me to be honest.

Good luck with W4R1 today!!! I found W4 a really big step from W3 and struggled with it, which made me worry even more for W5. If it's the same for you then just keep going, even if, like me, you end up running so slowly that your walking speed feels faster. I look forward to reading about your W5R3 next week! :) Good luck x

juju656 in reply to Grubby1985

Hi grubby,

I'm expecting to find wk4 a huge step also.... In my head I had thought I'd probably end up repeating each week at least once from wk4 onwards but I'm relaxed and happy to be surprise myself with each run. And after reading yours today I thought just give it all I've got and see!!

Loving the playlist lol the first one I've hit today is queen don't stop me now..... Think I'm going put it on repeat to help push through to the end!!!


W5R3..... The greatest run of the lot. You know it now, you're a runner. There's a big open road ahead of you, go run it!

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