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Wk9 3 runs done - but have I graduated?


Hi all,

So here's my problem - Week 7 Run 2 I found I had a little extra left and managed to push onto 4k and 27.5 mins instead of 25. That gave me confidence for Run 3 however during that run as before I still had some left and decided to push on. I ended up doing the 5k in 33.36mins and was obviously ecstatic as I had completed a 5k pre 9 weeks however and here is my dilemma.. I took a week off and then decided just to start week 9 and skip week 8, this week I have completed 3 5k runs (equivalent of Week9). So my question is have I graduated or do I need to do a further 3 5k runs before I can truly say I did 9 weeks?

Even if today was my graduation run or not I am well chuffed anyway because of how far I have come but also it was my fastest 5k yet. I did 5k in 30mins 57secs which is 2 mins 49 secs faster than my previous best.

Graduation or not I am so overwhelmingly pleased that I started this programme. My original reasons for starting where to burn stress and lose a little weight, I have found I have got the stress a little better managed, the weight seems a little harder to shift although I am conscious my jeans are a little looser so maybe I am finally loosing that beer belly.

Anyway for anyone thinking of starting this programme - absolutely do. It has changed and enhanced my life, it's 30 ish minutes 3 times a week and the results are amazing.

On a separate note I noticed someone posting last night about the lack of new runners on the forums. When I first joined I found the forum via the NHS.uk site. If you go from there on the C25k section the forum is called the wrong thing and is currently listed as the White Blood Cell count forum even though it takes you to the right place. Perhaps this is why people aren't coming on.

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Hi Kungfoo1975, I am a new runner - started last night, so I cant tell you if you have graduated or not, but I just wanted to say that you have just inspired me so much!! I am definitely going to keep going. Thanks!

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I used this forum a lot especially in the early days and found some great inspiration for it. Keep going, it truly is worth it.


well if it looks like a graduate - and it feels like a graduate - and smells like a graduate - and runs 30 mins 3times a week like a graduate - I would certainly say you qualify as a graduate.... now go get that badge ordered and stop worrying

you did it - WELL DONE ...

and I too have noticed the jeans fit and the belt can be tightened by at least 1 more notch

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Excellent, I will apply shortly then. Cheers


Congratulations, Kungfoo, I'd say you've done it and are a fully qualified graduate! I did all the timed runs but didn't actually get 5k done till about 4 weeks after week 9, so you're way ahead of me! Happy running!

PS That's crazy about the white blood cell count group thing! I am still finding it hard to navigate round the new site and I have to say I visit about once every ten days now, rather than daily, entirely due to the frustration factor!


Well done. I am on wk7 run2 after struggling with the runs since the heat. I didn't realise that you had to run 5K before you graduate. I thought it was after running three runs on wk9. I will have to start tracking the distance I am running to see how much further I will have to run. Maybe someone can clarify our query.

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Hi mature lady. My understanding is that actually to graduate you need to complete the 3 30minute runs in week 9 not do the 5k distance. There are lots of runners out there who have graduated but still haven't yet done the 5k. The programme is more about getting out there and doing 30 minute exercise 3 times a week rather than the distance covered.

Well done on getting to week 7. Bet it feels good knowing you've come this far.


I joined the forum last week and on Sunday did my very first run. Its so nice to read everyone's posts, I am due to do my 2nd run tonight.

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