On the IC (& then some!)

I knew that I had to go in for a procedure to have my ICD changed. I had expected that I would then be on the IC for 2 weeks. The procedure was more complicated than either the cardiac team or I had anticipated, so I'm actually on the IC for 6 whole weeks! I've got so used now to the discipline of the C25K that I eventually completed last week that I dread this IC period. I'm allowed to go walking, so I could learn a lot more about my local area. Either that or I'm definitely headed for becoming Mr Grumpy!


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  • We won't let you be grumpy David. Just keep coming on here as it'll make you feel you're still a runner even though you can't run. It's great you can walk so you can suss out new run routes for when you return. Or shop πŸ˜‰

  • Funny you should say that, because I was thinking when I was still in bed after waking up this morning .... if I start from my favourite run route start but go off round fields at the bottom of the hill then how far would that be? As for shopping, remember that I'm a "chap" and we do buying not shopping (though I must report that I do have more running and gym stuff than anything else in my wardrobe, as well as three dirrerent ways of playing podcasts & music (in case one goes wrong!), a fitness HR watch ....... say no more!!

  • you can close your eyes and have pretend runs when you are feeling blue x hope you feel better soon 😊

  • Thats a shame David, you must do as your doctor says.

    As you know, running will still be there in a few weeks time, and you will be able to pick it up again.

    Keep your badge polished by posting advice on here and it won't be long til your running with us again.

    Take care x

  • Find some posts from people completing week 3, encourage them, follow their progress, and when they graduate, go out for a "buddy run" with them.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • What a lovely idea!

  • I agree that's a great idea and a good focus for David. πŸ˜ƒ

  • So glad you are back here with us:)

    Job done now, despite the result, meaning being a bit longer time to spend on the IC.

    Our friend on here, the wonderful Realfoodieclub , is proof of how some walking will be really helpful for you. Have a pop over to the Walking for Health programme and take a look; after her op she put to together a great programme to support walking back to fitness:)

    I am on the forum, and there are quite a few friends whom you will know over there.. it is particularly useful site for anyone on or just off the IC.

    And,as you say, just like when we run, you will find out so much more about your local area. I have discovered lots of new twists to routes and on Sunday, when I did my 10K run, ran in places I have never been in before...( even got a bit lost :)). You could take it steady and plan some new places to run.

    The time will go so quickly... when I broke my ribs at the end of October, the prospect of six weeks on the IC was a horrid one... I got on my elliptical trainer after the first week and started to use that for walking:) Three weeks later I did manage to get outside for a walk and a very, very mini jogette...and the last couple of weeks before I ran again sped by, with lots of walks with new granddaughter and pram!

    So... no Mr Grumpy, you are here and will be stronger than ever, so keep posting progress for us, with details of your adventures... :) Meantime, maybe post some support and advice to folk on here and extol the virtues of slow and steady, ( we have a spate of real, need for speed, posts currently)...:)

    Floss x

  • Hope the recovery goes well. Walking the local area can uncover new places to run once you are off the ic.

  • So sorry to hear of your 6-week IC stay ! If you like charting your walking I enjoy the NHS Active10 app which logs brisk walking over time, aiming to get you to 3x10min blocks per day. Surprisingly satisfying!

  • Get well soon David

  • Oh what rotten luck!

    Stay connected here and in the loop. You can spend time walking and checking out new routes, which will be dead handy. Watch your weight and eat and drink sensibly so you don't get sluggish. You need to be hot to trot once once you get the all-clear

    You will learn patience 😁

  • Now then David, no Mr. Grumpy allowed. So glad the procedure worked, no running for 6 weeks is a small price to payπŸ˜€.

    Walk gently, then each week maybe think about increasing the pace a bit? Can you swim whilst not running, if so that will maintain stamina.

    Plot your return runs whilst you are enjoying your break, and post here regularly to support others. Your journey has been unique and so lots to share with new starters.

    Never forget, you are a runner my friend!

  • Hi David. So glad to hear your off the Cath Lab table and recovering. The 6 weeks will fly past and before you know it you'll be pounding the pavement again. Delighted that you are ok and the procedure is behind you. Best wishes, Damien

  • As @oldfloss says we have a great Walking for health forum and lots of support getting back to fitness for all levels. I'm still off running after 13 weeks, my physio and doctors say it's close now but I have to get there properly. I totally understand how you feel and I myself yo yo between it's not long and OMG HOW LONG,!!! Look after yourself it will pass and then you'll be ready again Rfc x.

  • A bit longer on the IC but so many on here to encourage you and for you to encourage. No time for the grumps! Hope your healing and health come on in leaps and bounds and look forward to a group virtual run when you're up and about again😊

  • I still have half my backside on the IC from the past 4 months. I found walking, planning future running routes, and watching running documentaries/reading running books and articles helped.

    Hope the next six weeks flies by.

  • Enjoy your walks. Go exploring - are there any local walking groups you could join? Maybe borrow a dog?

  • If taking a dog, I'd recommend keeping a VERY firm grip on the lead so as to not have any unplanned runs...! ;) Just my advice after last night!

  • Sorry to hear you're on the IC for 6 weeks.

    At least the procedure is done and every day brings you that bit closer !

    Well I for one will most definitely need your advice as I approach W5R3.... (20 minutes), my next venture 😱

    Oldfloss repeatedly tells me ' slow and steady ' as I trundle along , I shall also hear your words of determination and encouragement 'don't give up'

    Get well soon!


  • That W5R3 sounds scary but it really isn't. You've run for nearly that long but with a couple of short breaks. Physically you can do it with no problem at all, in my experience it's those bloody gremlins gathering and messing up your mind that are the issue. Someone on here told me to just start the run, try to relax (yep, it is possible!) and when my mind told me to stop just to carry on running slowly whilst I did a quick check ... legs OK? A bit achy is fine, by the way. Breathing? Not gasping for breath ... could I tell someone running alongside me "I don't want to do this any more, I want to stop"? If I could, then the breathing's OK as well and I can just carry on. When I was running with a coach a few days ago I found enough breath to call her a "ratbag" so she said I was absolutely fine and no I couldn't stop!

  • Thanks for that !

    Good advice, your words I hope will be distracting me enough that I don't realise I'm running for 20 minutes...... I hope 😜

  • Lots of good suggestions here so I will just add my best wishes for a good recovery. Keeping active by walking will help maintain the muscle you have built up plus help your mood positive. Take care and keep in touch with us :) . X

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