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Can I use the Cross Trainer whilst on IC?

Well the IC has got me, boo hoo :( I seem to have shin splints on my right leg. It feels ok when I get up after a nights rest, but is painful at night. I haven't increased my running distance much, but have been walking a lot more due to the nice weather and playing football with my boys, so kicking the ball won't have helped. I ran the other day, as I run in the morning and it felt ok until I stopped. I am naturally active and can't keep off my feet for long so need to do some other exercise for a couple of weeks to compensate for no running. I know swimming is good, but I can't get to our nearest one, so I was wondering if the cross trainer would be ok ?

I didn't get my new trainers for Mother's Day because finances dictated other things were more important and I can't help wondering if my old shoes could be adding to my problems.

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Hi jasyrolo, I have used the crosstrainer in the past whilst injured, a bad knee. It is great as has low impact and you can get your cardio going for long periods and burn lots of calories. Also try out the bike. I would give it a go and if it doesn't negatively impact your shin splints you are good to go. I regularly revert to the crosstrainer if I'm concerned about getting an injury.

Hopefully other people can give you more advice with regards to shoes, I can usually tell when mine are done as there is significant wear in the heel, sometimes forcing me to walk different, meaning I leave it too late too often and don't know when is right to change. Definitely if your heels are worn down quite a bit, just be aware to change earlier next time. Again, I usually give them another few rounds on crosstrainer or bike after not using them for running..


Hi Kallyfudge thanks for your reply, I first thought of the bike, but I'm too short for our bike because I can't lower the seat enough! , but the cross trainer seems a good alternative. I was hoping the general consensus of opinion would be in favour of the cross trainer as I will be able to keep up a good level of fitness. My shoes are a bit of a mystery as they don't seem to be worn much, though I did go for gait analysis and the shoes that were prescribed were a whole lot more comfy to wear. I will just have to wait a bit for them.


The crosstrainer should be OK but take it easy initially and see how it goes.

It is impossible to know, of course, but unsuitable footwear is always the number one suspect when it comes to muscular niggles.


Hi Dunder thanks for your reply. I can't be sure, but Its probably a combination of ill fitting shoes and walking more due to the nice weather. I went for gait analysis because my knee was hurting so I'm thinking there could be a connection there, so I will be renewing my shoes in the near future (hopefully) :)


Try and get the shoes sorted if possible :) It will help :) Lots of bargains if you have a look around.. especially on the net! :)

I used my elliptical cross-trainer, when on the IC.. with broken ribs, just to stay supple and not seize up !... and then after I got the bronchial lurgy earlier this year... to build up to strength a bit...Just slow and steady, no resistance.. and so gently...:)

I use it on rest days now, to improve Stamina and core strength, so it should really help you :)


Hi Oldfloss, thanks for your reply. I will have to make shoes my next priority - I need to explain to my hubby again how important they are :)

I couldn't imagine working out with broken ribs! I'm definitely going to use the cross trainer more now, I have no excuse! I never really thought of it helping to increase stamina and core strength. So its seems its a pretty good all round machine and its a relief to know I will be able to keep up a decent level of fitness if I have to have a few weeks off:)


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