W8R2 was hard work!

But, I did it! Not only did I have the heat to contend with, but I now have 2 nice cuts that I've had to bandage!

About 15 minutes in a dog decided he wanted to play by jumping up me and left 2 cuts in my arm, needless to say I got some strange looks further around as I'm running with blood down my arm, and when I arrived home my little boy shouted "Daddy got paw paw"!

So all in all a testing run but I came through and another one closer to graduation. Hopefully I won't see the dog again between now and then, or I'll spot his owner and politely tell him to get his dog on a lead!!

Onwards and upwards


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  • I just finished run 3 of week 8 today. So I'm just 1 run ahead of you. I too found the 2nd run tough going but finished it. I ran the 3rd run today and it was a much nicer run and I enjoyed it. At least the dog did not cut your legs. Best wishes for your next 4 runs, we're almost there. The finish line is in sight.


  • The finish line is definitely in sight, I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to R3 it's going to be great. For some reason I've found R2 to be the hardest every week.

    Congrats on finishing W8, make sure to wait for me at the finish line.

  • I also completed W8R2 today. The heat played a part today but finished it, even managed 5k distance in that 28 min so I'm well pleased. Onto the next one.

  • Nice one, is your next run on Friday?

  • Friday evening or first thing Sat morning for me. It's been enjoyable in a weird way. Seeing the progression over the weeks. I'm 2 weeks from being 40 and wanted to get some form of exercise, my wife has done marathons and has always said I should try it.

    Good luck for R3.

  • The progression is amazing, I would never of thought it possible. I'm still 2 years from 30 but have never been so unfit.

    My brother completed his first marathon this year after completing c25k so I think that's spurred me on, not that I'm competitive but I want to be fitter than him again.

    Good luck with R3 and I'll see you at the finish line e

  • That should of said 2 years from 40 lol

  • Best of luck guys. Looking forward to next week, we will be finishing around the same time. Enjoy the last 4 runs. I'm going to kick off Week 9 with a Parkrun on Saturday morning. Hoping to finish next Wednesday or Thursday. I'm 43.

  • Well I'm the really old one here, just did w8R2 today at the tender age of 47๐Ÿ˜€Ran it at 6.15 am because rain was forecast to start at 8.30 ( which it did). I still don't feel like a natural runner but I no longer wonder if I can make it to the end, so that's progress!

    I should graduate next Friday if all goes to plan.

    Well done everyone, see you in bling-ville!๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿฅ‡

  • 47 is really old? But I'm 56 and still want to think of myself as young! I have w9 r2 tonight and it is going to be HOT. Sadly my running partner won't do early mornings or late nights so it's around 6pm every evening. Worth it though for the company/guilt/support etc.

  • I too have always found the second runs to be the least favourable. Ironically though, W8R2 was probably my best run.

    I guess it just shows that we have good days and bad days, and not to spend too much time stressing over it.

    The dog encounter though is a completely different situation altogether. I like dogs, but not all of us are comfortable to be accosted dogs we don't know. Especially when they jump up at you like that. The owners are often too far behind, or nowhere to be seen.

  • I like dogs and have a Rottweiler myself, but I don't have her off her lead where people are walking/running or kids are playing because she wants a fuss off everyone she sees, and I do think that's all the dog wanted and that's reason enough for it to be on a lead, or at least for the owner to be able to see and control it

  • Don't mind the dogs. It was the naked jogger I saw on week 4 that gave me a fright! Now on week 7 and a different jogging route!

  • Is that legal?๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • There's nowt as queer as folk๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • That made me laugh! There's a time and a place for nudity but in public is neither

  • Was he/she wearing trainers?

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