W9R2 Very hard work this morning but, only 1 more to go!

This morning I was wakened by the lovely golden glow of sunrise, but too early to go out. I have 2 battles to win before getting off. The first is 'Battle of the Bed' (just getting out of it!) - Bob. The second is 'Battle getting into the Bra' - Bib. Strap slipped this morning and the hook got under my finger nail making it bleed,OUCH. Wore a soft Bra camisole style top instead but as soon as I started running I realised that was a mistake - got sore neck muscles now.

Anyhow, with Bib and Bob defeated, the weather was perfect, cold with thin cloud cover and rain clouds bowling down the valley so a promise of rain to come.

Today I did stretches before setting off. I don't normally do that but I have been aware off my leg muscles since last run. Had a really good run until the last 10 minutes, when it became heavy going. Does anyone else let out moans on the out breath? I moaned all through the last 5 minutes - but I did manage to finish. YAY! it was hard work this morning so I'm really pleased I did it. Did get a sprinkle of rain at the very end.

I have a question. Are you allowed to moan in a Parkrun?

Oh!, only pestered by one collie dog this morning. When the owner finally came into view she was a very pleasant cheery young lady and I told her to get her dog back. The reason it was fussing round me is because the dog thought I had food! Still, she was a pleasant young woman so no swearing needed today!

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  • In answer to your question Beek - judging by some of the very peculiar vocal sounds many of the men were making during my Parkrun yesterday, no-one would pay any attention to a moan!!

    Anyway, well done on defeating Bob & Bib, a successful run and warding off the dog, and all the best for W9 run 3 and graduation! :-)

  • Awww Beek, you're sooooooo very close now! You'll get out there and smash all gremlins, dogs, Bobs and Bibs in a day or two ... :D

    Perhaps treat yourself to a new running bra upon graduation?

    Lots of good wishes for the next outing :) Linda x

  • Well done Beek. Oh my you're nearly there now - have a good rest and then go and nail it!!! I'm looking forward to reading your graduation post. Oh and 'ouch' about the finger nail it made me shudder

  • Brilliant post! Haha! Made me laugh! I particularly get the 'Bob' scenario, as I struggle badly with that - in fact, Bob has won a couple of times!

    You're so close to becoming a Graduate! Hurrah to you! Looking forward to read all about it :)

  • WTG Beek, you can do it, one more run!

    my first of week 9 tomorrow, will be a club run so a good one I hope :-)

  • Of course the dog thought you had food; it's called "legs"!! You did better than me - I was chased by some yappy little sh*te hound this morning and felt honour bound to shout at it's owner. She didn't seem to be aware of how off-putting little Muttikins was as it yapped round my ankles. Incidentally, did you see Giles Coren's piece in yesterday's Times? He is advocating a total ban on dogs. Total. Go Giles, go!!!

    And best wishes for W9R3.

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