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W8R2 - legs doing better!


This morning I was back on my own again at the park - same route as my essay last week so I shan't bore you! Thank goodness I'm a morning person - it was humid enough at 7.30am.

Three revelations:

1) I'm finding my comfy stride within a couple of minutes of starting to run now - I don't need the Kaiser Chiefs to cue it.

2) It's not just me that avoids runners when I'm walking the dog :D and I'm not the only owner of a dog that finds runners magnetic. I came around a corner and surprised an excitable golden retriever that was off-lead but had a less than perfect recall - he joined me for a bit before deciding I was quite boring and went back to his mum.

3) Stretched as usual afterwards (ITB and calf/hamstrings especially), drove home because it's too dangerous to walk in rush hour with no pavements, and then used a physio-roller for the first time. Wow - so painful! My mum has a mallet for tenderising meat and it reminded me of that. Fell off it twice, got cramp in my shoulder trying to get in position, but I'm feeling very nice and mushy-muscled now. Seems to have released the tightness that was giving me aches recently. Highly recommended!

4 runs to go!

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Well done, sounds like its all coming along nicely.

I know what you mean about the magnetic dogs and the avoidance of the owners. I find them all very considerate in moving out of the way (The owners that is, not the dogs). Makes me chuckle when a dog decides to leave it's owner for a bit and joins in with the run.

It'll be graduation time before you know it.

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Thanks Alan! My dog can be very tense around large dogs and runners/cyclists so he is always on a lead. Even though I keep good lookout at all times, some people run so fast there is very little time for me get the dog out of the way. But I accept that's my responsibility, everyone uses the park. I've had ignorant runners come up behind us and almost run into my dog, to avoid a puddle (it's a country park in winter - there will be puddles!) or just to shave a millimetre off their route, even when I've tried to move out of the way. He's a Belgian shepherd and big for his breed, so it's not like people can't see him! When I'm out running now I do recognise canine body language and have even gone different routes if I see a dog is worried. Sometimes the owner is oblivious as to how tense their dog actually is, which is when things happen 'out of nowhere'. Fortunately there are lots of options to change direction or give a wide berth where I run. Normally I avoid blind corners, but I was trying to stick to the grass to save my joints and simply found him there. He was a friendly chap though!

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That’s an advantage in going slow then - gives the anxious pooches time to prepare.

I have a roller in the post - need to pick it up from the parcel office tonight 😫


Well done. I sit on my bum for rolling my calves and bend at the knee. I find it less far to fall!

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Hahahaha! I should perhaps have said 'tip' and it's that side-plank that I find tricky to balance on :D

Wow ! You are doing great Equi-geek Enjoy your runs !! Get ready for your graduate badge :-)

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Thanks! One run at a time and fingers crossed 🤞

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